R6 to R15 mid game

I am looking for a way to transform the PlayerCharacter from R6 to R15 mid game. how is this possible?


Because is broken , try again it !
Or the game choose R15 !

I don’t think you understood the question. I am looking for a way to make my character R15 on an R6 map mid gameplay. the player would respawn as an R15 rig

So you want the character R15 in the game ?
i don’t know this is your game or other game by players…
so this change R6 , R15 :

  1. go to studio and look the game setting at home.
    2.click “avatar” so you can choose R6 , R15 , Player Choice .

He wants to know if it is possible to change the rig type in-game, not in studio.

You can create an R15 rig, stored anywhere in the game. When you will need to swap between R6 and R15, you can clone the R15 rig, load the user’s appearance into it with Humanoid:ApplyDescription(game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(id))
Then position the rig, make it the player’s character (player.Character = rig) and destroy the old R6 character.
This should also work vice-versa, if you need.
With this method you don’t even need to respawn the player.
EDIT: Before starting the game, be sure that no parts of the rig are anchored and that it has all character scripts, or it will not function proprely.