Release Notes for 425

Notes for Release 425


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class InstanceAdornment : GuiBase3d [NotCreatable]
	Added Property Instance InstanceAdornment.Adornee

Added Property bool Humanoid.RequiresNeck
Added Property string Humanoid.DisplayName
Added Property bool StudioData.EnableScriptCollabVersionHistoryOnLoad {PluginSecurity} [Hidden]
Added Property bool StudioService.DrawConstraintsOnTop  [ReadOnly] [NotReplicated]

Added Event NotificationService.Roblox17sConnectionChanged(string connectionName, Enum<ConnectionState> connectionState, string namespaceSequenceNumbers)
Added Event NotificationService.Roblox17sEventReceived(Map eventData)

Changed the superclass of Class SelectionBox 
	from: "PVAdornment"
	  to: "InstanceAdornment"

Removed Function ScriptDebugger:Resume
Removed Function ScriptDebugger:StepIn
Removed Function ScriptDebugger:StepOut
Removed Function ScriptDebugger:StepOver

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can this property be used for like roleplay names instead of showing their roblox username

@Dekkonot indeed :crab:


These will help out a lot of games.


The DisplayName thing is especially lovely if that changes the name on the name tag, without having to use hacky solutions like parenting an artificial head over (that in itself can, at times, cause problems).

I wonder what use RequiresNeck has though? Read on it, Humanoids won’t die when their necks get removed. Yep, I fully agree with you there then.


Fixed a bug where in multiplayer scenarios Touched and TouchEnded would fire in a cycle.

Can we have more info on this, it might break our games


Is this supposed to happen?

This line never printed an error before until this version. Now pcall is printing out errors in the dev console / output, when this never happened before.

This is the line in question:

pcall(function() Delta.Libraries.Utility:Character(Player):Destroy() end)

I’m just wondering if this is intended behavior.


I see more NotificationService additions there. Is this potentially something that will open up for developers?

I was thinking a Discord bot would be a good way to implement scheduled game notifications to those who have access to the game’s social links, but I’d rather take advantage of a built-in method if this’ll be coming to developers.


I actually don’t mind this behaviour, but it’s most likely related to the new pcall improvements. It would probably be considered unintended, but it also may be a side effect that would be difficult to fix.


Changed the Developer icon in the leaderboard to be for every developer who can edit the group game instead of j no ust the owner.

Will this only apply to users who have the “Create and edit group games” permission, or will it include all users who belong to the role sets that have the game specific edit access through the unified game permissions?

If the latter is the case, will we be seeing this for user-owned team create games in the near future since it uses the same system?
And if it is just for users with the permission, will the other cases where developers have edit access be covered soon, in both group and user owned games?


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