Release Notes for 566

Notes for Release 566


Interesting change, it would still be nice if RunContext could be set to a mode where it runs on both the client and server so I dont have to duplicate scripts


In this case you could use a modulescript that contains a local and a server script that simply require the parent module. I think this might be more explicitly clear than a script type that just always runs everywhere.


If it has anything to do with this bug report (from almost 2 years ago, still open), it HAS NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM YET:

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Hooray for making Humanoid states and GetServerTimeNow thread safe! I’m still very light on my deployment of Parallel Luau because of its instance-based nature but I have experimented around with it a little bit in pockets with NPCs.


did this change affect the animation editor?? i can’t add keyframes anymore this is seriously halting my work

no plugins, reinstalled, relaunched, restarted pc, no beta features… please take a look I’ve dm’d bug support already its been 10 hours no one is answering… a way to revert or something?


Yup, it’s broken, not your fault.

You should still be able to add a keyframe by dragging one of the handles with the scrubber at the desired time if you need a way to unblock yourself for now.


Hi there, and thank you for your report.

There is indeed an issue with the last release, sorry for the inconvenience. Another workaround would be to use the “…” menu in the track list and select “Add a keyframe”.

This will be fixed with the next release.



what do you mean add a keyframe?
if you mean the + icon, that is not the problem


this is the problem, let me know if i’m missing a button i can’t notice it still

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Hello, there is a […] button next to each track in the track list. What you showed is the main menu of the Animation Clip Editor.

Alternatively (but I can’t confirm right now) you might be able to add a keyframe by using the K key.

Hope this helps.

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ah got you, however i can’t fill in all at once as theres no […] above lower torso, you know, so this is the equivalent of moving each bodypart by a little bit… K doesnt work either so ill just wait for the next release, thanks

another bug…when using CTRL+F in a script and finding a word, then closing out of the CTRL+F frame the highlights wont dissapear until u remove the word from the CTRL+F frame, this was not the case previously, if you could note the corresponding team about this before the next release too it would be fantastic thanks

Question: why would you have the same code on both the server and client?

A lot of game systems initialise on both sides with a similar initialisation script, the current method is to just have two copies of the exact same script that initialise a module.

It would be easier to have the one script that applies dyamically based on the state of RunService:IsServer


No offence but I do feel as if this could encourage bad-practice, let’s just say you do this and then want to make minor edits (that would be sensitive to share to the client) to the server-side of your script, you can’t without sharing the bytecode with the client.


Sharing lua bytecode with the client is not bad practice. What is definitely bad practice is having sensitive information present directly within your code though, that’s something that you should always avoid.

Unfortunately though, currently Roblox doesn’t provide good support for sensitive stuff getting accessed via code. On their documentation for InsertService, they suggest using it to securely load API keys, to prevent unauthorized access to them. I find this to be “good enough” but I am not really a big fan.

Generally, most Roblox games use a lot of shared client/server code. Server code can still be present in its own location, but, having one main script is really really common, and generally they’re only a couple lines, to require a couple modules, or call a couple functions that kick things off.

The ability to have just one script would benefit these cases quite a bit, since you can keep said initialization code all in one place vs having it fragmented slightly.

It is relatively uncommon for games to have lots of Script/LocalScript instances, and it is a lot more common for games to have one single Script and one single LocalScript instance.


This is what I mean, having the single script that acts as a loader on both sides (maybe in ReplicatedFirst) that just loads the modules (depending on implementation), no private code gets leaked if you create the loader correctly

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Great,Nice that’s really good update

I believe the new physics simulation rollout impacted my game.

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