Release second line of endorsed vehicles or open source the demo playground

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard with my current skill set to create vehicles. Two years ago Roblox released a set of endorsed vehicles to show off the power of attributes however they only came with a limited selection of land vehicles while the demo playground has a wider selection including airborne vehicles. I would like to use those, especially the helicopters.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I could make up for the skill set I lack as well as use the selection of endorsed vehicles that are not only fully programmed but can be tailored to suit my needs through replacing the chassis and re-rigging the existing code. This can cut my development time in half as well by using already-created content.

The vehicles come from New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!. It seems there were plans to release a second line of vehicles (some developers were asking for the helicopters as well) but there was no ETA provided and it seems to have been silently dropped as a plan. That being said, taking a look at the Main Source place shows that there are unreleased endorsed vehicles.



My game has been struggling a lot with trying to find someone to create good chassis for both air, water and land. It’s gotten to the point where we decided to just stick with the chassis from the endorsed models. The air vehicles are really great and I feel like it would extend our capabilities to the max. I really hope Roblox does release those models.


They seriously need to unlock this game, These would be so useful

I wonder if we could bring this to the attention of someone who worked on these? It could be as simple as they forgot after publishing the car kits

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I believe Orlando777 created the models.

I sent messages to the people at reference games and got acknowledged but no follow up, I don’t think these are slated to release ever

Well that sucks, was really looking forward to the other pack of Vehicles! Guess it was just never meant to be?

I’ve only been commissioned to create several of the vehicle models. Not actually rig or code them myself. I do not have any of the rigged files as I simply provided the team with what they needed.

I honestly don’t have any idea if they plan on releasing the rest (and to be quite honest I don’t really recall seeing a helicopter rigged).

Sorry I couldn’t help :confused:


I believe that the helicopter models were created by Alpha Strike. There’s a helicopter model in this game: Character Physics Obby - Roblox


I knew you modeled them, I also thought you scripted them, That was my fault!

In the Reference Games, there was a Helicopter, Segway, Motorbike, and a Bicycle model, So there must’ve been other people that modelled.

No no! It’s all good lol, Thanks for replying however!

Nice find! I’m definitely saving that helicopter. How did you find it?

Just looking through some old links here on the DevForum. I don’t have the original source saved sadly.

EDIT: the current models have been reinstated.

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I mean I modeled the helicopter too, I just never saw the final rigged version.

@MintyUltra I noticed that the dune buggy in the new Racing Studio Template was very similar to the rigged one in the Reference Games main source. Could you look into this?

Oh, Okay, You can also find the rigged Helicopter here

Edit: The Link to the game is in the reply i mentioned

Someone uploaded the unreleased Semi Truck from the Endorsed Vehicles Main Source into the toolbox 2 years before these endorsed models were officially released.