Roblox Community Rules Update


As we strive to create a safe and diverse community, we have updated our Community Rules to include language which better represents our growing global community.

To summarize, this update covers the following areas:

  • Expanded some of the language with our global community in mind
  • Further clarified examples of inappropriate content
  • Added information about intellectual property protections
  • Added guidelines for advertising on Roblox

We also added a “Last Updated” log at the end so you will be able to easily see if there has been a recent update.

Please note, these rules and guidelines are not exhaustive; we will continue to update and clarify as needed.

Thank you,

Developer Relations


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Is this a typo? This doesn’t make sense, are ads 13+ only now?

Could we maybe also get a diff so we can better see any changes?


These advertising guidelines are :sparkles: H E A V E N L Y :sparkles:

Hopefully, these will definitely clear things up with the “I spent all my robux on this” ad. I’ve gotten quite sick of those lately. Glad to see these were addressed!

Y’all are doing a great job at keeping Roblox safe. Keep up the great work!


Can you show us exactly what was added/changed? As someone who obviously doesn’t have the rules memorized I can’t see a difference


I’ve provided a list of all changes exactly as shown. Please see A difference showing the Roblox Community Rules from November 18, 2020 to January 28, 2021 · GitHub or this Community_Rules_29_01_2021.diff.pdf (5.6 MB)


Two things concern me with the new TOS:

Distorted audio, including excessively slowing down or speeding up the audio content to make it indiscernible, and audio that is excessively loud including screaming, high-pitched or excessive noises are not permitted.

As someone who’s worked on a number of horror games in the past, this really concerns me. I really don’t want to have to take down the classic horror games I made 7 years ago due to this ToS; they hold a special place in my heart and I want people to be able to experience them. I really hope they, and a number of other classic/current roblox horror games don’t end up down the memory hole because of this.

Examples of my audio that have sped up/slowed down/loud/disturbing noises:

Using derogatory memes (e.g. digital blackface).

While I understand there are legitimate instances where memes can be derogatory/racist and should be removed, “digital blackface” is a buzzword that I’ve heard, and mostly in the context of any non-POC person using any POC in a meme, usually making a meme-worthy expression. This I believe is a ridiculous, problematic, and racist idea in and of itself, that white people are not allowed to humanize and use the expression of non-white people in the form of memes.


Ad content has always been intended to be appropriate for all ages. All ages can still see ads.

It’s the same ideology as clothing you see in-game.

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You misread, it says to not contain content for <13, so I can’t target ads to children anymore.


I see - it’s referring to the content of the ad, not the game. The thing that’s weird is the fact that there’s age groups for ads, but we shouldn’t specialize ads for the <13 demographic. I don’t think we should be able to target <13 if that’s the case.

That was an existing rule. Ad creators just use different styles of clickbait now (I spent all my Robux on this ad :pleading_face:).


Oh man, those new advertising rules have been much needed for so long! Thank you Roblox!

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The distortion ToS part has been part of the ToS since sounds were allowed to be uploaded - this does not mean editing raw sound files, instead they are referring to speeding up or slowing down explicit songs by orders of magnitude so that it passes moderation, and then applying the opposite distortion in studio to play it normally.


Ah, interesting.

In the early days of audio uploading, I usually sped up my audio to fit long sections of music within the available upload limits, and/or save on robux to upload the audio.


Ah yeah, they should probably not retroactively moderate that - they’re more worried about not being able to notice a swear!


Not a lawyer or remotely an expert on US Advertising regulations.

afaik this means that you’re not allowed to design your advert to appeal specifically to kids under 13, similar to how TV ads are meant for the parents watching, because you’re not suppose to advertise to children. Of course this doesn’t make sense when it comes to online platforms like Roblox, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its for a similar reasoning.


Had an interesting chat about this rule on Discord, some messages are saying it’s written like that because you can’t specifically target to <13 because of COPPA or something like that. But then again we’re not legal experts, even with that little conversation the wording is still confusing, especially when sponsored games have the option to target to <13



Does this rule applyes to “Among Us ads”?


In addition

There are a lot of users that bypasses this rule, why not directly add a 90DcB limit to uploaded audios? if an audio exceds this limit, then it gets deleted


The problem with imposing a limit on volume is that roblox’s sound engine offers quite a bit in post-processing, so you could have a quite audio, but then set the volume/distortion effects to something really loud when it is actually heard in game.

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But what about games that has a “Radio Gamepasses”? wich perople can use to put ultra-loud audio without any advice