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What are the qualifications for being selected? I’m curious now since the term “top developer” doesn’t really apply anymore to a number of people recruited after september 18. What is this selection based on? Place visits? Affiliation to top developers? Youtube subscribers?


Great experience although I am seeing a lot of users pretending to have spatial voice chat.

yes I was wondering the same thing!

I clicked archive on the invitation and it vanished :expressionless:

I didn’t know this

Devexing for age verification is definitely a part of it, although ive gotten my invitation on the 3rd idk if i understood the sentence wrong

I only just noticed yesterday night i got that message while looking for those refund messages

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Once Developers are able to integrate Spatial Voice Chat into their experiences, will the owner/editors of an experience be required to verify their identify in order to test Voice Chat in Roblox Studio?

If so, does this mean that Developers who do not verify their identity are limited to enabling/disabling the feature and modifying its functionality without being able to test it themselves to determine if it’s been configured correctly for their experiences?

Honestly really excited for the Spatial Voice, was something that was a long time coming and is a nifty feature to add.

Honestly curious how moderation aspects play into this, but it’s something I can’t wait to get access to.

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Not true, I was invited into the program and I am not eligible for DevEx nor have done it ever.

Honestly? they should just remove the chat filter if you’re 13+ and verified IMO

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Its a good improvement to the Roblox website it has some upsides and down sides ill explain them below.
Good things:
It improves communication with players to make the experience better.
It also makes it a lot easier to role play with others like not having to stop when you are going to type.
The Bad things
I’ve spent a lot of time with other people with voice chat, there is a lot of swearing however i think this is okay for 13+ as most games with swearing and with applications like discord i dont think this is a big deal.

At the end of the day i think roblox voice chat is a good idea and it should stay for 13+

Thanks! Sav.


yep same, i want my voice chat access back idk why its gone

I cant wait to try this once I get access like all my friends LOL

Please let me be a tester I am a developer with 3.7 million visits!
I also did not get any crown of Os even though I got more than 1M MAU
I think Roblox hates me.


Don’t worry I’m 1M Mau too just wait to make sure it public or if roblox want to add 5000 more developer as a tester so yea just wait for it. The important thing are Roblox not hates you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Are roblox really ready about bad language in other languages?
Better to make it ai detect try hire any translators to make sure no bad language for each language use for spatial voice. I already asking this before but I totally want to make sure roblox care about this because roblox are the most popular game in the world that’s why I’m asking and keep repeat about this thing.

Weird, I guess they’re starting to allow more people in then.

This is amazing yet scary, but what are some pro and cons?

We’ve made these social features available for you to use in your own experiences – learn more about developer modules here!

Each of these are designed to work out of the box, so the moment you press play it will just work. If you’d like, you’ll also be able to completely customize and change the functionally as you wish.


cant wait to be called a no-micer

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I have the same issue :/. Just verified my age today and still nothing

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