Roblox Community Space: A Vision of Social Experiences on Roblox


Hi everyone,

We’re excited to share the Roblox Community Space and showcase upcoming social features that we are developing for the Roblox platform. We plan to open-source this space soon so you can incorporate these features in your experiences as well!

New Social Features

Here’s what you can try today:

  • Spatial Voice (Beta) - We are inviting select developers to preview the upcoming Spatial Voice feature within the Roblox Community Space. You’ll get a Private Message from Roblox if you are invited, and we’ll gradually invite more developers in the coming months. Our goal is to let all interested developers test Spatial Voice while it is in Beta.

  • Friend Locator - Easily spot your friends in the community space and warp to them.

  • Spawn with Friends - Join an experience and spawn next to your friends.

  • Emote Bar - Express yourself and have impromptu dance parties.

  • Wall Art - Post notes and stickers on the walls to leave your mark on the world.

  • Photo Booth - Strike a pose and take a photo with a unique background.


The Roblox Community Space is a lab where we’ll continue to show off new features and gather feedback from you. We’d love to hear what your favorite features are and if there’s anything you’d like to see next!

Toggle in "My Settings"


What is “Spatial Voice?”

  • Spatial Voice is a proximity-based voice chat feature that simulates how we hear people in the real world.

When can I try Spatial Voice (Beta)? How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • This feature is in beta, and is currently only available to a limited number of eligible developers. You will receive a Private Message later today with instructions if you are selected to participate. Over time, we will expand availability to all interested developers.

Will I be able to turn these social features on/off in my experiences?

  • Yes, you will have the ability to enable/disable these as you wish, modify their functionality, and customize their behavior as you wish. As the developer, you have full control over them.

Update: We have started sending invites. Eligible devs who have a validated phone number can opt-in to Spatial Voice (Beta) through their Privacy Settings.

If you are invited to participate, you see an option in My Settings > Privacy

Update Sept 16:

Update Sept 29: Developer Modules are now available!


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Embrace yourself for the Voice Chat Bad argument that has been spreading around DevForum for the past six months.

Aside from that, will the API behind the VoiceChatService ever get documentation beyond, oh yea it exists. Would be cool to mess with this right now but I know that’s not going to happen.

All in all, root out the few bad apples and this will be a very cool and immersive feature!




This is incredible! The place is really well built, and an official announcement of voice chat!
I can’t wait to see what other upcoming features will be added to this game.
I find the emote bar much easier to use than the emote menu that you press V to use, and it will cause more people to use emotes, due to their prominence at the bottom of the screen.

EDIT: Nevermind, it’s bad. @WoodReviewer



Yet roblox has no plans for VR support extention. Yeah…


what if your friend is playing an obby and to teleport to them it would give you an advantage


Would you mind sharing any more information on spatial voice chat, such as how it will be moderated? And also, what will the criteria be for developers to be invited to test out spatial voice.

Will developers be able to toggle these features on and off since I know some developers won’t want these in their game.


This what happened is a historic moment for ROBLOX

When you comment on the evolution that if it was necessary for the platform and for the evolution and innovation for new users, it offers a better experience

And this brings me disadvantages at the same time for not 100% sure but I hope it moderates

This is history because for months I announce and it is a leap for communication and facilitates and one of the most anticipated functions and a pioneer that gains more than millions of users and that became an industry

This is undoubtedly the best ROBLOX features and always will be.


Very likely you’ll be able to opt-out of this.


Is it possible to create non-proximity audio? Id like to make a radio system but im unsure as to if the API will support this.


I’d appreciate it if they overhaul VR support with this too.

People are resorting to having to exploit to be able to use VR like it was intended.


Actually, the best Roblox features would be better ways to contact support :sweat_smile:


This is very exciting and definitely impacts the future of the Roblox corporation


Hm, Spatial Voice. I wonder how that will be moderated at the end of the day.

I’m guessing it will be for Roblox Members whom are 13+ once released.

I guess it could be used as a cool feature and could bring a few new ideas for games and concepts.

The main problem I see. Is how will it be moderated. Because I could see it getting abused in the future.


Friend, this is the only thing we have waited for in years, it is not complaining all our lives or saying it is horrible, you have to experiment and this is mandatory, well the support should improve, but this is unique for some pioneers who generate more than millions of users


I honestly think that this will be one of the most important updates in Roblox history. Hats off to all the wonderful devs making this possible!


They already found, multiple times, most of the public servers that i joined have something wrong in the blackboards


That’s always been an issue, but having a system where players can write anything in any game seems stupid. I assume this can be disabled by developers though.


what a neat way to test this feature out.