Roblox Developer Challenge 2023

Hey @Game-Jammers,

Welcome to the Roblox Developer Challenge, a yearly development competition gathering the whole world to create the most amazing Roblox experiences based on a theme!

Here is all you need to know:

  • The challenge starts on Friday, March 17 at 10 AM PT. You must submit your entry no later than Monday, March 20 at 10 PM PT through the submission survey. Your Roblox experience must be created within the challenge timeframe.

  • Your team must consist of 2-5 people.

    Pssst! Looking for a team? We recommend joining the Roblox Creators Guilded server to meet other developers.

  • All team members must be registered on DevForum.

  • The theme will be announced here at the start of the event. Stay tuned!

  • You can use pre-developed resources as long as you list them in the submission survey.

  • You and your team must follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Terms of Participation.pdf (83.8 KB)


The challenge will have three winning categories, as listed below. An anonymous panel of judges will select one winner for each category, and each team member of the winning team will receive a one thousand ($1,000 USD) gift card.

  • Best in Show: Best overall use of theme, technical quality, and art direction;
  • Best use of Tech: Pushes Roblox tech and creates unique mechanics and gameplay;
  • Most Immersive Experience: Realistic world experiences with art direction that immerse the player in the environment and gameplay.

You’ll be able to choose a gift card from GoGift’s catalog. Please note GoGift is not available in every country, and its catalog options are subject to change.

Don’t know where to start?

Check out these contents that we have separated for you:

Additional information can be found in the Roblox Documentation.


Do all members of my team need to fill out the submission survey?

No, only one team member needs to fill out the survey.

Can I resubmit my experience?

Yes, but only the latest submission will be considered.

Can I be a member of more than one team?

No, you can only be a part of one team.

Do I need to be a DevForum Member to participate?

No, you need to have a registered account on DevForum. If you can log in to the DevForum using your Roblox account, you are eligible to participate.

If my country is not available in GoGift’s Catalog, can I still participate in the challenge?

Yes, you can still participate in the competition regardless of your country. You will be awarded GoGift credits in USD, which you will be only able to convert to available gift cards on GoGift.

Can I update my experience after the deadline?

No, updates to your experience are not allowed after the deadline. If you have made an update to your experience by accident, please contact our team and we will investigate if there are no changes to your experience.

Tell us what you’re most excited about this year and if you have any theme predictions!

See you soon,


I know I can make a team of 2 is that ok or do I have to get another person?


Why was it made a team of 3 this time? Before it was a team of 2 that was required.

I’m alright with this if I do decide to enter with the same team I entered in with last time, but why exactly?

tbh idk why im planning on entering when i haven’t opened studio in a while, and i still haven’t used my £88 prize from last time


This post has been stickied to the top of /r/robloxgamedev for visibility purposes. If you are looking for team members, that may be another good place to start.

Good luck to all the participants!

Edit: I’ve created a new flair for the subreddit to help make posts about people looking for team members stand out more. When you are making a post, select “Dev Challenge” to color your post with a blue hue. This is the first flair in the subreddit to do this, so I’m hoping I did the CSS hack correctly.

(edit 2: oops… switched for the new layout so that the blue hue I’m talking about actually shows up)


Awesome challenge! My team’s going to aim for a spot in the top 3 again!


Looks awesome and I’m hoping to participate! Are there any prizes for those who place 2nd (or some other ranking than 1st) in any of the given categories?


Is it possible to do a team of two instead of a team of three…?


It’d be better if it was team of 2 instead of 3.

I understand why there is a need to impose max limit of team members.
But why is there a minimum limit?

I am an extremely proficient scripter, and can pretty decently level design and model too, and I’ve found that I work much better, faster, and produce a higher quality product when working alone.


Hey developers,

Thanks for all the support and feedback! We have changed the team size requirement to a minimum of 2 team members instead of 3.

We understand it may be difficult to start a team from the scratch. So we would like to recommend using the DevForum, TalentHub and Guilded as tools for finding other developers!


I am already excited! Can’t wait for this event to start!!

Very excited to potentially participate in this. Hoping for a fun theme!

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Ayyy lessss gooooo I can do it

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Will there be DevRel awards from this?

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We won’t have first, second, and third places this time, but three winning categories.


I was also wondering if there are any DevRel awards since they weren’t listed in the post.

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No, this challenge will not have the DevRel Prizes


Unfortunate timing as it runs throughout the end of my game :pensive:

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Well, you’ve sadly made the same mistake that the crappy mobile app game jam made:

  1. Intellectual Property Rights, Representations, and Warranties.
    To the extent the Entry is not fully assignable, Entrant irrevocably grants Roblox
    and its affiliates, legal representatives, assigns, agents and licensees, the
    unconditional, nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free and perpetual right and
    permission to reproduce, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, distribute,
    display, publicly perform, adapt, exploit, make derivative works from, exhibit
    and/or otherwise use or reuse (without limitation as to when or to the number of
    times used) the Entry, in any and all media without limitation as to time or
    territory, and without additional compensation or approval from the entrant or any
    other party. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the Entry. You
    waive intellectual property rights, privacy/publicity rights or other legal or moral
    rights that might preclude Roblox’s use of the Entry, and agree not to sue or assert
    any claim against Roblox for the use of the Entry or your likeness or statements.
    Except to the extent in conflict with or as otherwise provided in this Agreement,
    in the course of participating in this Contest, whatever you provide to us (whether
    we ask for it or not) will be considered User-Generated Content (UGC), as that
    term is defined in the General Terms. For the sake of clarity, that UGC will be
    subject to the General Terms, including without limitation Section 6(B) and the
    royalty-free license to Roblox to reproduce and distribute your UGC on the
    platform described therein

Aka: You’re giving over the game that you made, and Roblox can do anything they want with it. I can understand Roblox’s want to show the winner and advertise (even show the game on the front page), but to “reproduce, public, and post,” specifically “and without additional compensation or approval from the entrant or any
other party,” and take away their revenue from the game turns me away from this gamejam. I can understand the $1k gift card but we’re just giving our game away submitting it to you, even if we don’t win.

I completely understand, but no thank you.

Also, if you’re joining the gamejam, please for dear lord read the fine print.


Hi! I would like to participate in this gamejam, But me and my team haven’t receive our prize from the dreamjam of April 2022 (an xbox series S) or a gift card the equivalent value, I received 75$ on roblox gifcard, but still, that not the equivalent! IJustDavi, NightlyArii, sarturex, BlondyDev.