Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

I have this issue too, however it only happens when I launch OBS to record something

Ironically im using it too. Lol

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Are there any plans to fix compatibility for things like OBS Game Capture, RoShade and so on which have been broken since the introduction of Hyperion?


Hello EmK,

No to be rude, but it is up to the authors of the incompatible tools to fix their code, not the reverse.


Oh so my crashing causes always happen mostly when i am using OBS studio… Sometimes it happens even if im not using OBS studio, so i don’t understand if it is really the problem or not. I do roblox streamings almost everyday and it keeps on crashing when streaming in Youtube, is so annoying to explain every time. How it appears to me is like im playing for like 30 minutes, after some time passes, the audio starts to interrupt then it continues playing after some secs after roblox closed. (No crash error appears) And i dont know why hyperion or whatever detects on my computer, since i don’t have any malicious programs or anything like that??? does OBS studio count as one or? Or sometimes when im using roblox studio and roblox at the same time, roblox closes as well. i literally have no idea what to do atp, i saw possible solutions but having the risk of losing my computer files or these weird reboots shouldn’t be something us players/developers have to be doing for a game to properly work… make it work like it used to, no crashes and no freezes. Any game is unplayable for me after this, i can’t enjoy not even a hour inside one. And another thing is that when i go afk i come back and it is literally vanished (roblox closes after im not in contact with it for like 10 mins, meanwhile if i am using it, it lasts for 30-50 minutes, else it crashes sooner…)

I just hope they can find a global solution for this issue, a lot of people is having it and can affect in a bad way.


Hello TimTsuki,

Internally, we use the term badware. Badware refers to software that is not necessarily malicious but lacks some crucial components, such as proper signing.

Having said that, if you are able to provide us with a full crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here, we should be able to quickly identify the module that causes Hyperion to trigger.


Hey bitdancer, I was recently playing “Rocket Tester - Roblox” and it just closed without a dialog saying something about Roblox running into an error and having to close. The current version I am using is the latest production update. I ran a internet speed test to see if my internet caused it and im getting 84.6 Megabits per second for my download and 19 megabits per second upload with a latency (a.k.a ping) of 64 miliseconds. on a 5gHz band. Is this an issue. My computer is about 3 years old. could this be a Roblox issue?

Update: I just contacted bug support and I am awaiting a response

Hello Kai,

Thank you for reaching out. If by any chance a crash dump is created, I’m happy to assist in analyzing the issue

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Ok, but where or how do I access crash dump file?

Ideally, you would create a full crash dump as described here in Strategy Three. If you can’t find the crash dump, do a global search like it is done here.

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where do I put the folder that I name " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Roblox\Versions<your-current-client-version-here>\ClientSettings\ClientAppSettings.json"

It depends on your username. For example, in my case, using the latest version of the Roblox client, the file path is: C:\Users\Bitdancer\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-6552be68b05d41a5\ClientSettings . If the ClientSettings folder does not exist, simply create it.

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Hello Bitdancer,
For a few days now, Roblox just crashes randomly after playing for 4–5 minutes.
It mostly happens in “OneSkyVed's Trolleybuses Place (indev) - Roblox”. Sometimes I don’t even load in, and it just crashes, or I can play for half an hour and then it crashes. It does not give me an error message or anything. I would love the help of you.

(I could have missed something that I was supposed to post into my Reply here and if, I am sorry.)

I have this problem too. But sometimes its under 30 seconds after loading in. Same game too.

Hello WannabeFly,

Please send me a full crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here.


Idk what is but i cant play roblox since byfron from website (just the roblox microsoft app)

So i open roblox and it keeps in a white screen and the mouse is on white too, maybe is a render problem i tryied updating all my pc updates and nothing

Also i dont want to still playing in microsoft app (the mouse go away the roblox app when im moving the camera or in first person or shiftlock)

We are fielding reports of this happening as of today in Jailbreak. I’m personally not crashing from any games.

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my friend had such issue all he did is replacement of processor/ram/additional disk to new parts, so no such issues after.

I am also getting reports from my game NORTHWIND, having around 40ish people experiencing this.

So, just a quick update. I have played that game now for 4 hours straight with no issues/crashes.
It somehow fixed “itself” but if something happens ill write it here.