Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 - Nominations are now open!


The Roblox Innovation Awards are back, and it’s time to nominate the most innovative creators, video stars, and experiences for this year’s show!

The awards will be hosted on September 9th at RDC 2023 in San Francisco, CA. Regardless if you’re a developer, creator, video star, player, or someone who appreciates art in various ways, we want to hear from you! It’s your chance to have a say in recognizing the best.

To participate, please fill out this form to cast your nominee!

Some of the awards you can nominate for are:

  • Best New Experience
  • Best Use of Tech
  • Best Video Star
  • Best Video Star Video
  • Best Item

Plus a few new additions:

  • Best Collaboration
  • Best New Video Star
  • Best Limited

Please note, nominations will close on May 31 at 5pm PST.

Once the nominations are locked in, keep an eye out for the opportunity to vote for winners in select categories. More information on this at a later date.

We look forward to celebrating the passion, talent, and creativity of the Roblox community both online and in person! Let’s make this year’s awards a memorable one!

Roblox Innovation Awards 2022

Want to relive last year’s award ceremony? Check out our highlight reel below or rewatch the entire event on Youtube!

Good luck to everyone!


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I’m glad to hear that the innovation awards will still be a thing! Cant wait to see who will win!


Happy to see this again this year. Looks like nominations are working a little differently now?

Aside, please stop sterilizing Roblox’s identity. Bring back the Bloxy awards or reintroduce the terminology somewhere. Roblox has been either sunsetting community programs, or sucking the fun and community out of them with corporate decisions like this.


How will “nominations” be chosen from the votes? Will it just be whatever Roblox feels like or actually based on the number of votes received?

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I’m glad to see the community gets to choose the nominations rather than the nominations are pulled solely from statistics is back. This gives hidden gems with a large following but a low playercount a chance to be nominated.

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I’m especially not a fan of the new trophies. The previous trophies had a unique design with actual personality:

The new trophies are just a 3D Roblox logo, some of which even have typos on them:



i really hate how its called “Roblox Innovation Awards”,

also a thing that i really hate is that the event is hosted at RDC, which is not good in my opinion.
take a look at 2020 and 2021 bloxy awards (“innovation awards”), they were animated and the community really liked them, nowdays its just a boring show. which is a shame really.

EDIT: i didn’t mean to reply lol


I really liked the in-person innovation awards, but it’d be really cool if they could tie it in with an online experience like they have previous years.


@BoyMamaG Is there going to be an experience for us to play? Because as we are receiving this topic and early vote for the nominees, surely enough we would have a hub to explore the vision of what Roblox sees between the community.


It’s possible for them to implement a fix like they did with the dominus. You should submit a bug report.


This all sounds cool and everything but uh…

Could we maybe just go back to the Bloxy Awards instead since it just looked better overall?

Because the black and purple color scheme just isn’t coming out as good compared to what we had before, even the trophies last year felt empty and soulless.

Even now, I still dislike the fact that the whole thing was abandoned just so they could have a more corporate vibe…which still feels wrong to this day.

Hopefully it’ll make a big return someday.


same, but we all know that the bloxy awards will never return.

cause they don’t care about us. which is a sad reality.

even the name “Innovation Awards” was hated by the majority of the
community, and yet they didn’t give a single response.


Glad to see the Innovation Awards returning! This past year has been amazing for Roblox so far, I can’t wait to see who gets the spotlight at RDC!

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@BoyMamaG This post is the definition of the bloxy awards being killed by a corporate company.

Bravo :clap:


Ah yes we need to honor the experience developers who developed experiences for the metaverse by celebrating their experiences in a metaverse event known as the innovation awards. Excited to learn about the experiences in the metaverse that have a great experience for the visitors in the experience servers that the experience developers created. One of my favorite experiences in the metaverse was metaverse champions because it was an extremely unique experience that was not generic, we love the metaverse and the experiences that we experience in it!

Essentially the above text should show you why the name change removes all meaning from this event.


personally I’d love to win a Buiderman Award of Excellence but that’s just me


Leaked image of the 2023 trophy design:


Wdym, who wouldn’t want a black and grey 3D cube with an hole and the name of the only unique “buiderman” ?


Super excited to see community feedback being used to help decide final nominees this year!!! This year was one of the best for new and updated experiences I am quite excited for the show :3

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