Roblox Studio sending a CRAZY amount of data through my WiFi in spikes

Reproduction Steps


(My place has team create on)

I am unable to reproduce this since it happens at random but I am 100% sure this is a problem with roblox studio.

I was unable to find the screenshot but I viewed my network resource monitor (which you can open from the task manager) and roblox was sending an absurd amount of data. Here’s a different screenshot of this IN ACTION from last night.

I will update this post when I am able to take a screenshot of this happening with the resource monitor, but you’re going to have to take my word for now.


Expected Behavior

I expect that my roblox studio does not send 90 MB per second randomly

Actual Behavior

It sends 90 megabytes of information per second randomly, then stops after a minute


There is no workaround because it slows down my internet for me and my roommate.

This really makes me mad because I was convinced my computer was part of a botnet and that my wifi was being used to DDoS random dudes. I bought an entire new router (mesh network) for me and my roommate because of this.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Performance
Impact: Critical
Frequency: Sometimes


Where you have your resource monitor open go to the details tab scroll down until you find the two instances of the.exe and tell me how much memory is reading from that location in the details tab

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The MBPS drops suddenly after the studio instance is closed. This is enough proof

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Please try launching Studio with plugins disabled.
Also this should have been reported to Studio Bugs.


I do not have any plugins installed.


Were you performing any heavy operations during this time? (Generating terrain, importing large models) Does this reproduce every time for you?

Could you also try the following and report back what you see?:

  1. Open a copy of the same place, but with Team Create disabled
  2. Open a new baseplate template place with Team Create enabled
  3. Open Studio, but don’t open any places
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Me and someone else have this exact problem and some possible reproduction steps here, maybe try these?

Go ahead and try to launch Studio with the plugins disabled.

I cannot reproduce it since it happens completely at random. No heavy operations other than having studio open

Like i said in a post a few posts up, I do not have any plugins installed.

I’ve also experienced this. It only happens when I’m idling in a Team Create - nobody is doing anything in the Team Create, but there is still significant network resource usage. Sometimes it happens, other times it does not. I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably.

Here is a screenshot of my GlassWire (network inspector on Windows) over the last 15 days. Highlighted between the 11th and 12th of December, where Roblox Studio uploaded 179.5 GB overnight. I was doing nothing, and even if others were doing something it doesn’t make sense why I’m uploading data. The only Studio plugin I have which I know makes network requests is Rojo, which wasn’t syncing at the time.

I will add, however, this was not spiking traffic; it was near constant the whole night.


Would like to add to this - whenever I commit specific, larger scripts, studio is quite literally almost taking my internet offline. This was never a problem before, but now, my internet speed slows down an incredible amount (and often just drops out completely), but IMMEDIATELY restores once I force-close studio. This is causing issues as I can never commit these scripts as due to the tanked internet speed they never seem to finish committing.

Edit: After disabling the Drafts feature, I can confirm that this also happens if I try to publish a game after changing a large script

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That’s strange. Mine spikes randomly when im not doing anything, but when I commit my script that is upwards of 20K+ lines I do not get large spikes. And @unix_system also has a different situation where his is constant. This is so strange :sweat:

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This is still actively happening. Except this time I was in a play-testing session.

This bug is 100% linked to Team Create as a whole, not just committing.

To workaround, I turned off drafts, downloaded my game locally, opened it up, and then simply published as the game I was editing originally.
Hope this helps anyone who can’t publish their game because of this.

The same thing has been happening to me, Any TC game I open will just hinder my entire internet connection until I force close the studio session. I’ve been working on my game through local save as that’s the only option right now.

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I have reason to believe this is related to the syncing mechanism since this appears when I try to close studio.


Exact same issue I’ve found as well - severely limiting my workflow and stopping me from sending certain updates out, would appreciate a staff response on this soon.

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Having this issue as well, I have another bug report open here.


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I’ve also experienced this issue at random when in a team create, it’s especially worse when there’s actually other collaborators in the team create. That seems to make it happen more often, sometimes it just increases the continuous bandwidth.

on a side note (off-topic)

…on a side note, new studio update is awful. Icons don’t feel unique enough anymore, and it randomly lags worse than a place with nearly 78Mb of terrain did on the old studio in a local file I basically only have scripts in. But that’s irrelevant to the topic.

Kind of annoying how it suddenly eats up all my bandwidth and makes other stuff stutter sometimes.