Roblox's Moderation Needs To Be Fixed



They get hundreds if not thousands of false reports everyday by players while the 1 report that is actually important sent by a developer is now placed with the same people who get bot style replies.


This. Developers and non-Developers should be moderated separately (or developers being given a separate moderation channel) because of the fact that it seems there is just too many non-Developer reports that just drown out all the Developer reports who may have a more important report that should be handled as soon as possible.

Because that non-Developer who reported about another player who keeps killing him too much in a pvp game is not a serious enough report to be put above a potential serious situation that a Developer is reporting about. I get that’s why we have categories to choose when reporting but even then it feels like the reason Developers have to wait so long to get replies from an actual person because of this long queue of reports in all categories of reports, probably from kids choosing the wrong category when reporting, just a theory.

So just like how we have Moderation Review Requests for assets that get declined, we should also have another option that devs can use to report other stuff that can be very serious and needs to be seen as soon as possible and any devs who abuse this report option can be removed from it to keep this report option as professional as possible.

Just my 2 cents lol.


The audio refund incident needs to be checked over again. I highly doubt a single person glitched intentionally, I doubt that people even knew about the glitch; yet even so, got banned permanently over it. Even if somebody knew about it by some strange means, they shouldn’t be terminated. This is entirely on Roblox, not on the users at all, shame that from the looks of things they will not admit that they are clearly the ones entirely at fault here. People spent money on this, some even make a living off this, to have this happen up and one day is a terrifying even to think of.

I will not let this topic die until something is done about it, you should all do the same.


I would directly email dev-relations, or try to contact someone from dev-relations. My account was just un-terminated this morning.


I wasn’t affected by this whole incident luckily. Glad to hear it all got resolved for you though.

I just want them to in the very least give us a reply on this whole situation.


True, a lot had to be done to get here so I would like a general statement on the incident to everyone who was part of it.


It would be amazing if they could just unban everybody affected by the incident and then give out an apology in some form or another. Admit that maybe they screwed up somewhere.


Just want to say that I actually got to meet with someone internally about moderation today. I can’t talk about specifics, but I can tell you that these concerns aren’t falling on deaf ears - they have seen the concerns here and they are definitely listening. :slight_smile: