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It’s me again! You may know me as the creator of myCenter, however, I left a few months ago due to personal health reasons. A little bit ago, I got back into Roblox and decided that all the Roblox application-services are suffering from being slow, clunky, or just annoying to use. So I went out to once again, make another application service. However, this isn’t going to be another ordinary service. I have big plans for RocketApps – to do things never done before.

We just released out of beta today, so we’re still in a phase of transitioning from beta to public – though you can sign up now and get all of your centers, and teams setup!

We make applications super-easy to read. We have a ton of question types to ensure your getting the kind of answers you want, and we also allow you to create sections in your applications. These are containers for questions, so you can separate your questions into groups.

We also have an in-depth permission management system.
For teams:

We also have powerful Roblox integrations, where you create the bot yourself, and we manage all the API requests on Roblox to perform requests on your behalf.

We’ve also got a lot of application permission settings ensuring you are only getting applications you want!

Look at how easy it is to manage your applications questions:

We can also automatically read and pass/fail your applications as soon as they are sent!

And for groups that take your security seriously, we keep records of everything that happens on your center.

And this is only the beginning of what we are planning on providing for our users.

Why not take a look at us?


How exactly is this service different from MyCenter? Will MyCenter still be supported?

Edit: Thanks for the quick response! I’ll be looking into using this for my group.


I have no involvement in myCenter anymore, I left in July. I’m not much a fan of them right now either. Our differences? We’re more reliable, brand-new and we’re focusing on adding new products and features every day.


that’s quite interesting. how did you do that? or what are you trying to show me here

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This has got to be the coolest thing I have seen.


Looks like a pretty solid tool. Does it automatically rank them when you accept the application? Also, if you do, do you use a bot account for ranking and also does this account have a proper security. Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I’m safe and don’t get my group compromised.


It looks so amazing. Makes me sad that I hadn’t had tools like this back when I did cafe groups.


Looks cool. How does this service work internally; what hosting are you using, what frontend + backend technologies/frameworks are you using? How are you ensuring your service is secure and preventing data loss?

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How can you be more reliable, when you are new? After my experience new Applications Services are most of the times more unreliable as they are often down, or will be shut down after some months.
You are saying you are planning to add new features? Is there any Infos about features that are planned?


Ooh, this looks good. I think I see bootstrap being used correct me if im wrong

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Man, that guy made myCenter before he resigned. He OWNED the group. So I can trust this guy.


Hey, can you add a group rank auto admin for the app center? It is such a pain to manually give the admin rank in the dashboard.


It does. And yes, we don’t store cookies in plaintext in the databases, and only our developers have access to our database. You provide a bot cookie, we do the rest.


I’m going to be careful on what I give away here, as I don’t want to say anything that could compromise our security… or make it easier for people looking to do harm…

We’re using bulma as our web design framework, and EJS to template our pages. We’re hosting using DigitalOcean, using nginx as a reverse proxy, and node.js/express as our request handler. Security wise, this isn’t my first time around. I’m about to have a few pentesters have a go at our service and report their findings (we also encourage the public to do so by following the pen-testing policy.)
Data-loss wise we keep a backup of our database so we can do point-in-time recoveries. We’re storing passwords using argon2, which is considered to be more secure than bcrypt. If you have any more questions, let me know.


We’ll for one we’ve put a lot of work in building a robust back-end that’s robust. We’re building with the mindset of performance. You bring up a good point, and I know a little about that saying I owned/made myCenter. Their bad performance is due to unoptimized code, messy codebase, and just clunky design. The features that are planned we’re not comfortable releasing just yet due to some competitors that have been keeping close eyes on us. Sorry about that.

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Nope, Bulma. :smiley: We’re not much fans of Bootstrap.


We already have this :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the automated bots free?

If so, that’s pretty awesome. If they are free however, how do you make revenue? Automatic ranking services don’t get much popularity regardless of how much you advertise it, so maintaining donations such as a patreon is pretty hard.

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They are indeed free.

We don’t simply enough.

You’re right, we can try though.

We appreciate donations, but we understand everyone can’t afford to pay for an application center or add-ons to it. I’ve always had the mindset of creating free to use services. Even if that means the service isn’t profitable.


General advice, if talking about your tech stack would compromise it’s security, your security probably isn’t that good.

I’ve sent you a PM on the DevForum; if you could take a look.

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