Rolimon's Game Analytics | Free statistics for Roblox games

Rolimon’s game analytics tracks a multitude of Roblox game statistics, information, and resources. Using our analytics, developers can monitor their game’s performance, identify problems, and track growth.

Our analytics are free for use on the Rolimon’s website.

Highlighted Features

Searchable Games Page and Individual Game Profiles

Game Charts

Gamepasses and Game Badge Tracking

About Our Analytics

Most game data is scanned every ten minutes, while less dynamic data such as gamepass and game badge stats are scanned every 24 hours.

To improve the usability of the game charts we provide the following chart views:

  • 10-minute interval covering 1 week
  • Hourly interval covering 1 month
  • Daily interval covering the game’s entire tracked time span

What Gets Tracked?


  • Concurrent Players
  • Visits
  • Likes
  • Favorites
  • Average Playtime (experimental)
  • Gamepasses
  • Game Badges
  • Places
  • Servers


  • Sales
  • Price

Game Badges

  • Number Awarded
  • Win Rate


  • Visits
  • Favorites

Servers (up to the first 100 instances)

  • Server Ping
  • Server FPS
  • Players Per Server
  • Server Count


What is Rolimon's?

Rolimon’s was released in 2018 as a Roblox trading analytics website.

How is Rolimon's free?

Rolimon’s already has a wide user base from our other Roblox analytics allowing us to invest the ad revenue in expanding the websites capabilities.

How are the hourly and daily view chart points determined?

Hourly and daily points for charts like Concurrent Players and Visits are determined client-side by finding the difference between the latest and earliest points available in the particular time interval that make up the point. Due to this, if a point is missing in the middle of an interval it won’t impact the chart point. However, if a point is missing at the start or end of the interval, the point will still be generated, but based on a reduced time span since the interval will in effect be shortened.

How accurate is the data?

In order to accomplish certain things with the charts, games are scanned on the 10-minute marks (1pm, 1:10pm, 1:20pm, etc.), but obviously we can’t scan every game’s data at exactly the same time. To address this we have multiple scanners that all start at the same time and each have a dedicated set of games which they scan. They also scan games in the same order each time in order to keep the scan times as equidistant as possible.

Typically scan times for each game are within a couple seconds of the ideal 10-minute period, however when there are API or connectivity issues they can vary quite a bit. To mitigate this, each scanner aborts any scan once 90 seconds have elapsed. We may modify that abort threshold in the future as required. When a scan is aborted, the game’s data will not update and the charts will have missing points/gaps.

How can I give feedback or report bugs?

We welcome feedback, feature requests, and bug reports in our Discord server which is linked below.

This feature is still in a relatively early form and can certainly be improved, so we want to hear what features and improvements you the developers want added next.

We also realize there may be issues with some of the features or data and appreciate help from anyone that can identify and report any issues they come across.

Known Issues and Limitations

Average Playtime calculation is experimental

The calculation used for Average Playtime is currently experimental. We anticipate it will be refined and the data will be recalculated after a permanent calculation is settled upon.

Server charts only consider single data points in the hourly and daily views

The server charts don’t do any data grouping or averaging. The chart simply plots samples that lie on the previous hour or day intervals preceding the current time. We would like feedback from game devs regarding how you would like us to handle displaying this data going forward.

Some partial hourly/daily chart points do not display

There is a potential issue where partial chart points do not display at all on the hourly and daily charts. This seems to occur when the missing point(s) lie on either a start or end point of a point interval. This is likely a trivial bug to fix, but it needs further diagnosis.

Game/place visits temporarily drop to zero in rare cases

In rare cases the visits count drops to zero for some games/places temporarily. This has only been observed once so far and only in a few places. When this occurs it’s visible in the New Visits chart as a large dip followed by a large spike in new visits. If you notice one of these events please report it and we will manually delete the erroneous data point(s). We are gradually adding code to characterize the root cause of these events and prevent them from happening.

How Can I Get My Game Tracked?

To get your game tracked just join our Rolimon’s Developer Community Discord server and ask to have it added. Note that we do have a few requirements for adding games, which you can find in the server.


This seems pretty cool, Thank you for making it!

However why should we use your service over RTrack?

What are the benefits and features that you offer over your competitors?


RTrack is great, it tracks every game on Roblox and that’s something we have no plans to follow.
However as of right now we are offering a more comprehensive free service for the games we do track.

Here are a few of our advantages:

  • All our features are free. Even the length of time viewable on charts is not limited by a paywall.
  • Our charts have some relatively advanced features and controls that allow you to view the data effectively
  • We track multiple additional resources like game badges, game server instances, and sub-places, with charts for each
  • We display additional stats for game resources

We encourage you to compare the services and pick what works best for you, as we believe there is no definitive superior one.


Amazingly helpful, keep up the good work!

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Beware of bankruptcy, it’s dangerous to get bankrupt
By the way it’s a good service

It would be mighty appreciated if you could add the following features:

  • Revenue per gamepass and and revenue in general. (Play fee, game passes, gears, etc.)
  • More games. There are so many great games on the platform, so it would be great if we could have games made by qualifying members on it, but also just more games in general.

Thanks in advance, d_cyph


How does this site actually make money? You’re collecting an awful lot of data for it to be cheap to run.


Not sure if you saw this:

“How is Rolimon’s free?”

But, of course, a more detailed explanation can’t harm :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry, I missed that. That still doesn’t explain where the revenue comes from? As far as I can tell the entire site is free?

The revenue tracking features have become highly requested so we’ll add what we’re able to as soon as we can.

We will definitely add a lot more games! We started with a fairly small set but have already added quite a few at the request of game devs, and as the community points out great games that they want to see tracked.

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The site generates revenue from the advertisements that are shown on each page.

Rolimon’s has already been running for over two years and has built up a large user base from its other features like tracking and analytics for Roblox limited items and players. The ad revenue from that has allowed us to cover the costs of resources needed to support game tracking/analytics.


Nice. Site looks awesome, good job!


Would you care to share how you are accurately measuring Average Playtime?

Since this data isn’t exposed to public I thought I should ask to make sure of how reliable this stat is.

(I know it’s experimental and has issues)


Yes absolutely, we’d love to get some feedback on how we calculate Average Playtime!

interval_minutes = 10
new_visits       = visits - previous_visits
players_quit     = previous_players - players + new_visits
players_stayed   = players - players_quit
avg_playtime     = interval_minutes / (1 - (players_stayed / players))

There’s also a bit of logistical code surrounding the calculation that handles cases where the previous datapoint couldn’t be collected and any other special cases, but that’s the core calculation.

We would also appreciate feedback from game devs regarding how closely our Avg Playtime compares to the Avg Playtime reported by the Roblox dev stats for their own games. Hopefully we can get this information from games with a wide variety of player counts.