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Roblox FPS Unlocker

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Rolo is a Roblox FPS Unolocker that only has to be run once for each version of the Roblox Player. Rolo will only have to be reinitialised if Roblox Player is updated. Rolo can set any custom limit you want, no limits!

Why a new FPS unlocker?

Axstin's Roblox FPS Unlocker is an amazing tool and I have been very grateful for it. However when a programmer sees something that bothers them they just fix it, even the smallest of things 😏. I didn't like how I had to either start Roblox FPS Unlocker on startup and have it open for 2 seconds or even worse only opening it when I play Roblox. This is the issue that Rolo addresses.

The reason I didn’t just create a pull request for Axstin’s FPS Unlocker is beacause we are using completly different laguages, I’m using C# Axtin is using C++ and Axstin’s approach is much more complex than mine.

How to Install?

  1. Go to GitHub Releases and download the most recent Rolo Setup.msi

  2. Run the downloaded msi file and Rolo will be installed.

  3. Once installed open Rolo from the start menu. Set the desired FPS limit and hit Initialise.

    3.5. If Roblox has been installed to different location other than the default. Make sure to set the location of the Roblox folder in the user app data.

  4. Your good to go!

I hope people are happy with my project Rolo, it was only put togeather in a couple of hours but all should be working. Let me know if there are any issues or if you have suggestions. If you would like to support this project feel free to visit

Enjoy those FPS!


Pretty cool for people that are pissed off re-installing axstin’s fps unlocker because it most of the time fails. By the way, do you get better performance than his FPS Unlocker?

Edit: why did you post this twice…?

What this fps unlocker do?

It changes the roblox file where it’s the max fps setting?
Or it also does any other thing?

What’s the difference between yours and axstin’s fps unlocker?

Never had a problem with axstin’s FPS unlocker, and you can put the file in the startup folder to make it run every time the OS starts up.


I think axstin’s modifies a certain part of memory of the Roblox executable (while the app is open) when you launch the background process. This seems to be changing a DFlag using ClientAppSettings. Not sure which is better.

Ye sorry I was getting 504 erros while posting this so I was trying multiple times must have acctually worked. Duplicates have been taken down.

Havn’t acctually looked into if their is a performance difference. Might aswell try.

love how my antivirus is marking this as unsafe

I just don’t like have a lot of processes on startup, I already have enough as it is. Thats why I made this. Just offering to others who have the same issue as me.

Ye, I can’t do much about this since it’s a really difficult process to get keys signed for it. But thats why it’s open source feel free to go through all the code if you want.

There’s a different tool I prefer instead of this:

Why should we use yours over this?

Honestly never heard of that before, looks intresting, but some people may not want all the heavy features that this has to offer besides FPS unlocking.


All you need is one FastFlag to unlock the FPS cap?? How have I never heard of this???
Also, I should note that using Bloxstrap to set the FastFlag means that you don’t have to reinitialize this every time Roblox updates.


Nice tool, but how do I turn it off? I want to test my game resources with and without it

Yes I was thinking of adding a disable button. But for the moment you will have to remove it maually:

  1. Go to this directory: C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions
  2. Open the folder with the most recent modified date (the newest version of Roblox)
  3. Locate the folder called ClientSettings and delete it.
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There is now a dissable button, so no need to delete files manually.
There is also a new installer so you don’t have to use zip files.

Any chance of this also doing it for studio?

By the way I’ve confirmed that in the most recent update Rolo has not been broken, as I know some FPS unlockers have been.

I’ve added that to the to do list :+1:




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Added the ability to set custom FPS limits, no more dropdown
Added the ability to set custom Roblox installation directories
Rolo now works with Roblox Studio


I know it took a while, but we got there.