RoUI2 - GUI animations made simple


RoUI2 by AstrealDev

:floppy_disk: Download | v0.9.1 | Discord :left_speech_bubble:

The future of 2D GUI animations is here. Create beautiful animations without having to get your hands dirty creating tens of tweens.



This plugin is a successor to my previous RoUI module which is now discontinued. The goal for RoUI2 is to mimic the way 3D animations are created for 2D GUIs. While there are already many features the hope is to continue expanding these features. RoUI2 is intuitive and user-friendly and will relieve the stress of creating fancy UI effects.

Right-click a keyframe to delete it. Changing the property of a selected object will result in the creation (or overriding) of a keyframe at the slider’s position for that property. Right-click an object to save, preview, or delete it. When you save an animation you have to use the RoUI2 Animation Module to play it. Documentation for this can be found here. The module itself can be downloaded via the plugin toolbar in Roblox Studio.

Note: Please look out for fake versions of the plugin. I’ve been made aware of a few. Only download the plugin from the link provided above or if it specifically says it is made by myself.

RoUI2 is discontinued and will be replaced by RoUI3 in the near future.


ive literally been waiting for this for so long!

This is 100% going to be a best-selling plugin. No doubt.


this is good but how do i make it play or load?


Once you’ve saved you need to use the module which can be downloaded from the plugin’s toolbar to play animations. The documentation for the module is here.

so basically, its moon animator for UI, am I not right?


I can not believe its taken this long for a plugin like this. Awesome stuff!

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Pretty much but Moon Animator is way more flushed out than RoUI2.

I’m struggling with the part on how to make the animation actually happen


You need to use the RoUI2 Animation Module. In the plugin toolbar next to where you open the plugin there should be a button labeled download. Click that button and the module will be downloaded into ReplicatedStorage. You can view how to use it to play animations here.


As a ui designer, having tools like this completely changes the way I would make ui. Thanks for making this.

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This is very revolutionary it can help a lot of people with UI animations

Thank you so MUCH! This is gonna make UI designing & tweening MUCH MUCH easier for me rather than copying and pasting my tween example :slight_smile:

That’s really cool!

I haven’t tested this plugin but how would it integrate with Roact?

This is much easier to animate the UIs now.

I’ve never used Roact but as long as you have access to the instances you create with Roact you should be able to use RoUI2 and Roact seamlessly. You can check out the documentation for the RoUI2 module in the main post to see how to actually play animations. All you need to pass is an animation instance and an object to animate.


thankyou for making this :star_struck:

Amazing. Will be creating more GUI’s with this.

More Youtube Video’s too. Ill make a video for people on how to use if you would like.

I love this.


This is super cool! Going to speed up my workflow a lot. Thanks for making this! :+1:

(Also I’m assuming this will work for Surface GUIs as well?)

is there any way to force :Stop() a animation as i dont see anything like that in the documentation

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I had to delete the plugin(for now)
because your plugin kept giving me the “http requests can only be executed by game server” warning whenever I tried play testing on any game

should I reinstall or is this happening to other people as well?