Rtrack.social | Sort by past months Ratings & More

What's rtrack.social?

A few weeks ago I launched RTrack, a Roblox tracking site that tracks over 1.5 million Roblox games (at time of writing), significantly more than any other tracking service out there. However, my goal for RTrack has always been more than simply viewing recorded analytics, and rtrack.social is a great example of this. With RTrack social, players can discover games that other people really enjoy playing. One of the most notable features of the site is the past month’s ratings sort, a feature that developers have been requesting from Roblox themselves for a long time now. In the future, I plan to allow developers to customise and do more with their rtrack.social game pages, such as community feedback, changelogs, audience statistics and referral links.

Game Sorts

How rtrack.social combats botting

The ‘RTrack adjusted Ratings’ sort shown at the top of the main page is intended to show game ratings with the effects of botting and other external factors removed. Every game on rtrack.social has a calculated adjusted rating, and that can be viewed on the game’s page to the right of the game’s Past Month rating.

How rtrack.social combats misrepresenting game ratings

None of the sorts present on RTrack use all time rating data exclusively to order games. There is a dedicated Past Month sort which orders games by the ratings they’ve received only within that timeframe, it doesn’t matter what all time ratings are, only past month matters for that sort.

There is also a second sort, intended to showcase the games that have drastically improved upon their all time ratings this month, which shows the improvement this month compared to the game’s average.

How rtrack.social curates the sorts

All of the data used to create these sorts is sourced from rtrack.live's data tracking, using data from almost 2 million Roblox games and hundreds of millions of individual recordings of rating and player analytics to find the best games for players.

Game Pages

It is possible to link directly to game pages on rtrack.social, just add the game ID to the end of the URL, as such: https://rtrack.social/920587237

Game pages contain the title and description of the game, as well as RTrack’s own exclusive statistics, such as the past month’s rating, and RTrack’s adjusted rating. There are big plans for future updates to these game pages to make them even more useful to both players and to developers.

That’s pretty much it! Thank you for reading, all that’s left now is trying to get rtrack social out there and to get people using it, so I can invest more time into this project. Here’s a link incase you didn’t pick up the url already:


Woah, this Is very good for Roblox Staff or Moderators, they can easily find botted games and take them down, good job @SteadyOn ! Keep it up :+1:


Amazing! This really is an amazing tool for the moderation team at Roblox as stated by @DaffyDavinko, truly good work Steady! Keep steadying’ on!

All the best,


Thankyou! Its worth noting that these are suspected botting, not guaranteed, and especially on very small games there are some false positives. Roblox obviously has to very careful with their detection because false positives on developers games will make us very angry, but RTrack errs on the side of caution herem



Social Game Pages now display the game’s rank by players, and it’s highest ever player count. There have also been some changes to improve layout on mobile.

As well as some improvements to adjusted ratings and botting detection, rtrack.social now pulls game data directly from RTrack’s databases, rather than from Roblox APIs. This both reduces the load on Roblox, and significantly speeds up the load times of pages.

Also added was a small update allowing you to go straight to the rtrack.live page of a game by clicking this link on the bottom left of the page.


This is great because no one cares and people will continue play their games :slightly_smiling_face: