Shorelines Full Release

Hi Developers!

Today we’re fully releasing Shorelines out of Beta! We thank you all for your feedback, messages, and details that helped us stabilize this feature. Shorelines allow water to smoothly hug the shores, its edges being unconstrained by voxel vertices and able to freely animate following the waves. :ocean::tada:

image3 image2

Before the upgrade (left), After the upgrade (right)

Shorelines work by allowing a terrain voxel to contain both water and another terrain material. We also extend the water surface’s geometry past the actual shore, to allow for a smooth connection.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Important note

We will be deprecating the old water shores because we can’t maintain that system together with Shorelines. We’ll share more details on the old water deprecation steps and timeline soon.

We recommend upgrading your place as soon as possible, especially if you are using water with other terrain materials, so you can make sure it looks good to you or make any modifications you need.

How to upgrade

New places

All Roblox Studio place templates were upgraded to Shorelines and there are no steps needed to benefit from improved water shores in new places.

Existing places

If you wish to improve your shores in an existing place, you will have to upgrade your terrain with Shorelines. The Shorelines upgrade is applied per-place, so if you own multiple places, note that you’ll have to upgrade each of them individually.

NOTE: This upgrade can impact the look of your water shores. You can find more details in our warnings below.

  1. Please make a backup/copy of your place. The upgrade cannot be reverted after you save your place.
  2. Open a place that you have previously backed up.
  3. Go to Terrain Editor > “Create” tab > “Upgrade Shorelines” dropdown > “Upgrade” button. You will then see a loading bar indicating how the upgrade process is going.

When the process completes, you’re done! Enjoy the Shorelines Upgrade! :blue_heart:


:warning: Warning #1: Edits post-upgrade are expected

Shorelines improves the look of water, but it changes the water’s behavior when it meets with other terrain materials. Proceeding with the upgrade might change your place’s water bounds.

Most simple cases will be handled seamlessly, but you might need to edit your terrain after the upgrade for water to match back with your original intention. Streams, waterfalls, non-horizontal water surfaces, and workarounds to the old water system are likely to require some edits.

Tip: If you built workarounds to the old water system to get better looking shores, such as manually reshaping shorelines or inserting parts to hide the artifacts, you may get better results by removing the workarounds before upgrading.

:warning: Warning #2: You cannot revert the upgrade once it’s saved

After proceeding with the upgrade you will be able to undo it with the usual “undo” commands (the button, ctrl+z, or command+z). However, we don’t provide a revert functionality for Shorelines. Once you have saved your place, you will only be able to revert the upgrade using your place’s Version History. This is why we recommend that you make a backup of your place before trying Shorelines.

Scripting Water with Shorelines

If you’re interested in scripting your voxels once you’ve done the Shorelines upgrade, check out the Read/WriteVoxelChannels API we released specifically for that.

:blue_heart: Made with love

Shorelines was achieved with the remarkable contributions of @Hyperhumanist, @ProtoValence, @RickleSandwich, @Neutrinostack, @wcai_rblx, @IgnisRBX, @PixelMiner47, @RBLXImagineer and @JoshSedai. Thanks for your help and support in making Shorelines! :clap:

We’re super excited to hear your thoughts on Shorelines! Let us know about your experience and if you encounter any issues! :ocean::blue_heart:


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Let’s go!! The new shorelines are AWESOME.

I’m a huge fan of the new shorelines! They look REALLY good and I’m glad they’ve been upgraded to be rendered seperately from the actual terrain. I used to sometimes avoid using terrain in my games entirely because of the way water connected with the shore and I’m surprised it took this long to be addressed. Either way, a long awaited feature. Thank you Roblox! :smile: :ocean:


Congratulations on the full release of Shorelines! :ocean::tada:

:ocean: The improvements look fantastic, especially with how smoothly the water now embraces the shore! The transition from the old system to Shorelines seems like a big leap forward.

Kudos to the team behind this amazing upgrade! Can’t wait to dive in and explore the enhanced water features. :star:

Great job Roblox! :happy3:


epic update, hope to see more upgrades with terrain in the near future



THANK YOU ROBLOX, I’m incredibly excited to start utilizing this in my experience! It’s been a long time coming, can’t believe we got it finally.


Nice one… Water doesn’t stick to the shore anymore :ocean:


This is very cool, but can we PLEASE get smooth terrain to go with this?


Pls add a feature for realistic waves at e.g coestlines.


It definitely needed this to look more realistic! All I think is needed is terrain parts :eyes:


This is beautiful

Thank you, Roblox, for this update; it will greatly enhance my games.


💧This behavior of water is great!

Nice that water now has a more realistic way of interacting with other terrain materials.

Something I still would really be looking forward to though is the possibility to create fluid and water simulations with physics…


Will this fix the ‘uneditable sections’ of shoreline materials from places that used the deprecated versions?
Reshaping other Terrain materials around water has always been an issue for me since the Beta version was released.


This is a feature I’m glad you’re pushing forward because for the longest time, shorelines have looked rather unrealistic. Thank you guys, great work!


The Terrain Tools should be working properly with Shorelines now.


Finally, you guys took some time to release the full version.

But it is finally here, and I am glad it did not take as long as Roblox usually does to finish their updates.

By the way, I am still waiting for the new fluid physics you mentioned in the 2023 Roadmap.

(We are all aware of the average time Roblox takes to finish their updates :wink: .)


This is a feature that a lot of people have been waiting for. Glad to see it is finally a thing now!


I swear I wrote my reply by hand lol, I really am excited for the change :+1:


Congrats on the release!

That looks amazing, and I cannot wait to see what devs do with this!


remember that california rpg i talked about last mention of this? i havent worked on it at all but this kinda making me excited