Sky3D | Create 3D, fast skies extremely easily

This is highly inspired by A free dynamic 3D skybox module. Check that out too, I have gotten confirmation from @nooneisback that I can upload this.


This module lets you create 3D skies very easily, and doesn’t take away much performance at all.

What do you mean by 3D skies?

note: alot of this text i am putting in this section is originally from nooneisback/very similar to it, he made the original module i got inspiration from

This lets you create 3D skyboxes that change based on the time, resolution, FOV, and camera position using ViewportFrames.
You can render very far objects as they aren’t actually far, it is just an illusion that makes it look far.

Why would I use this?

In my opinion, it is much better than uploading a bunch of images just for 1 sky and then it not working properly so you have to do it again. As stated above it has a couple features normal skyboxes do not have.


  • 3D sky
  • Many properties
  • Easy to use


These are only examples, but you can make any sky you want.





This has the releases and documentation.


Not really much to say here, but enjoy. Tell me in the issues of the repo if you find any bugs.


what do you mean by “3d skys”? a background?

oh and is it possible to apply with realism?

I mean 3d skies by like when you move around, the sky will move a tiny bit adding some depth to the sky. The documentation has some stuff about this.

There is other things that you might want too, like how with this you actually create the sky in the game and don’t need to upload it.

Sorry if I am not explaining right, I am pretty tired and didn’t get enough sleep lmao

@k1212ss Here is a video:

I didn’t really configure the sky correctly at this time so it looks like its pretty close to the camera still, but this is just a preview. It looks better when you tweak it


How do I get it? I don’t know how to use github.

When you open the repository, on the right you will see this:


This is the releases tab. Where “Assets” is, you can click the top one to download it:


Then drag the file you downloaded into the main window of Roblox Studio.

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It just feels wierd that the clouds move with the camera, maybe try making the clouds move on their own?

That is just an example so I didn’t put as much effort as I would normally, but you can make any sky and customize it as much as you want.

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This is pretty cool, I might use it sometime


How do i change the skybox? I need to use a forest instead a city and i can’t figure out how to do it

So it doesn’t have to be a city, it can be anything you would like. That was just an example.

First, create the model. For your case you would do this: (it is based on 0,0,0, so create it there. Also notice how small it is)

Check out the documentation on GitHub for actually creating the script and more information.

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will this method work for skinned meshes?

Anything that viewportframes support should work.

The update that roblox never brought :slight_smile:

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Is this supposed to happen?

The skybox looks way too dark

EDIT: It looks like changing the Ambient color to white solves this issue

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I am not really sure, the auto lighting system I made doesn’t work well so if anyone can help me/wants to help with that please do

If you are confused why the sky is kind of transparent, that is because of the atmosphere. You CAN change the GuiDistance to be lower, however it may start clipping through the ground.

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