Smooth Terrain Tools Feedback

Independent Size & Strength Values


Really nice feature, but please consider making a way to save the setting permanently, it’s starting to get tedious resizing and re-configuring every single tool whenever I reload my place file.

Edit Tools


Add keybinds to these tools, other tools in Studio like Move, Rotate, Transform all have customizable Keybinds, why not Smooth Terrain Tools?


Brush Visualization

When Strength is set to 1 the transparency of the Brush is so bright that I can’t see what I’m working on. Yes, I know the transparency gets less when you hold left click, but how am I supposed to know when and how I want to hold left click if I can’t see that before? It’s annoying and time consuming to move my brush away from the affected area to view what I want to work on.

Please consider bringing back the previous iteration of Brush Visualization, or at least increase transparency at max Strength.

Lag while Editing

See the following: Smooth Terrain Tools Lag

Flatten Tool

See the following: Smooth Terrain Flatten Tool Doesn't Flatten

Ending Notes

The new terrain tools have a lot of good features in them, but I really feel like usability in day to day operations has been overlooked.

Thanks for reading.


Yes, it’s 7 months old. No, it hasn’t been solved.

Not only is it incredibly hard to see the brush regularly, it gets even worse when the brush is underwater and you’re not. In that case, you’ll have full visibility of what you’re working on, but have no idea where the brush is.

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