Sponsored game ads: "10k+" should be exact

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to view the exact amount of clicks and impressions on a sponsored game ad once the number goes to 10,000 and above.

This leads to vague numbers such as 1M+ total impressions (which doesn’t change until 2,000,000). 10k+ clicks, bid 10k+ (when you really did exactly 10,000 for example)

This is mostly annoying for currently running sponsored game ads where the developer may want to get a feel for how quickly the impressions and clicks are coming in, but the displays remain stagnant for quite a while.

I request developers should be given the exact amount of impressions, clicks, and bid.

Example of the problem:


Maybe it could show on hover


This should be basic. Full support.

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The rounding is just bad.

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The million one has really bothered me because it’s such a huge jump from 1m to 2m.

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This is still an issue with sponsored game ads.

This already works with user ads, it should be made consistent by showing the exact amount for sponsored game ads as well.