Studio Building Tips

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for becoming a better builder in studio?

  • I aim to create a mix of historical and fantasy-themed showcases.

  • I’ve looked at a lot of Youtube tutorials and on the Roblox Wiki, but I don’t seem to be improving

My portfolio kind of covers anything else, you might need to know:

I’d appreciate it if some people came back to me with some tips or helpful advice.

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There are many and I mean many existing topics covering this. I suggest searching up some. However, I will provide some examples.


Thanks for guiding me to some helpful posts. I appreciate it

My advice to you is to practice whenever you can. Try to replicate items in the real world, or maybe build something random. It’ll take lots of practice to get better, and I think my builds can use a lot of work too. But all you have to do is spend maybe an hour or so just building things.

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I’ve had a lot of pretty bad comments about my first showcase, and I definitely don’t want to continue failing. So I’ll take any advice given, thank you

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These kind of topics have been brought up and made before in the future consider searching you will find something helpful around the forum.

Booming a better build or wanting to improve your skills it all comes down to practice and patients. Since you found a style you want to produce in historical builds always find objects based off of a reference image keep experimenting with different styles And technique. Don’t be afraid nor scared to try new things if yo cant find things around online use images and try to recreate it to your own abilities.

I’m not going to go into details since there are numerous of threads here is a thread with useful information and something you could take along the process. :slightly_smiling_face:

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