Studio not allowing local place files and published place files to be opened at the same time

So a friend of mine @kenami noticed that you were unable to open up a local roblox file (like off your desktop) and a published file from the site at the same time. For me, I just noticed this today, Kenami noticed this about 8 days ago.

When attempting to open both at once, the last file you had open (whether it was the local or the published file) will print “Shutting down” close, then the other file will open. Same vise versa.

Here’s a short gif of what’s happening: Screen capture - 38a7a38329e663f89f09ac8eb4bc4a93 - Gyazo

I hope this is not intentional, as now it’s very hard to import models and games from local files to a public place.


The case i had until today (8 days ago) was a unique update shutdown

All active studio gets closed for a single time (just like a regular update) and i could continue opening both published places and a local one.
so i’m assuming this was a actual Studio update, but i’d like to say the updates was unusually frequent, so i’m having doubts if the case was actual updates.

Since today, this is no longer the case, the forced closure for update is guaranted 100%

Take in mind that there are no issue if a Published and a Local doesn’t cross paths
(x2 Published places / x2 Local places) can be accumulated without issue.


I believe this bug has already been reported multiple times:
(Also pretty sure it’s spring break for most employees which is probably why this bug hasn’t gotten any notice yet.)


It’s my bad then,
interestingly, none of these thread are exactly the same issue / same rate

But yea, what i wanted to bring up is exactly this one

Hello! The issue you are experiencing is caused by having stale Studio shortcuts. When experiencing this, please:

  1. Close all running instances of Studio.
  2. Delete any local Studio installations.
  3. Launch Studio from Web.
  4. Update shortcuts to point to the freshly installed version.

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