Summer 2020 Recap 🌞

Damn epic, Roblox keeps on growing I gladly say i’m a dev of roblox. Proud to be part of this community.

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I love how Builderman is just photoshoped into the RDC photo haha

Has been a pretty good year for some devs overall!


Skinned Meshes was awesome and still is!! so much planned around that and PBR!

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Bubble chat and the new fonts are what I used the most after they were released. Let’s continue our journey!

shhh you’re breaking the “stay silent and live with it” embargo…

This is just a joke: the new wait time has definitely brought along a lot of negative press, so it’s not surprising that Roblox are trying to avoid mentioning it.


Roblox does grow fast and I’m proud. Don’t stop what you desire to change Roblox forever! :heart: :roblox_light:


Whoa! Maybe 2020 wasn’t bad after all!

It’s impressive how Roblox has improved in just a few months from now, I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the Roadmap will affect Roblox :grinning:

Anyway, Great job to all the people who have worked on this, and Welcome to all the new employees In our community!


Ah yes. The summer recap. I won’t forget it this year! :+1:

I’m really grateful for all the things you guys have all given to us, to be honest this summer of 2020, not gonna lie, IT HAD THE BEST UPDATES OF THE YEAR 2020. :tada:

I hope you guys can give more EPIC UPDATES like these to our community, so it can keep getting better and better. :+1:

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Will we be getting the Creator Dashboard soon? I’m very excited!! :smile: Everything from RDC this year is very exciting and I can’t wait for it all to release!

If you want to be one, leave devrel and then join back, then make your avatar a noob.

This happened like last week, not in summer?

I’m happy the new fonts were added, the make my GUIs look way better.

well. off to find out the winter recap.

Kudos to the team for all the UI updates this summer. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future! Cheers Roblox

I didn’t realize how old I was until I really took a look at to what progress Roblox has made in a few years. Purely because I can say it, we used to have cart rides into spongebob and now we have games like Adopt Me (& others) that do real numbers. We used to have blocky movement and now, we finally have skinned meshes. Best way to describe it is: Woah.

Maybe in the outside world, it wasn’t as awesome, but here in the Roblox World, What. A. Great. YEAR! :tada:
Just in the past years roblox building was hard and most people had to use other 3D modeling software, but with all these new updates Roblox has helped many developers this year. :clap: Keep it up roblox :wink:

Wow, cannot believe ROBLOX will go to 2021 already! I’m excited for ROBLOX’s future and how they will change/revolutionize their game.

Don’t forget RockdetBoy!


Oh yes! Don’t you dare forget to mention my favorite update! It’s still 2020!

Jokes aside, I’m excited for 2021 too. I wonder what Roblox has planned for us…

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