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Super Biz Analytics V1.3

Super Biz Analytics helps you understand your players, optimize your game, and monitor launches.

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See sales trends for dev products, game passes, and assets

See how sales are trending in your game across all products or a specific product type like dev products, game passes, or assets.

Understand price points

Understand how to optimize the price of products in your game by seeing what price ranges players are making purchases.

Optimize engagement for premium players

Narrow down to premium players and optimize their engagement to increase premium payouts.

A dashboard for daily insights and realtime monitoring

Get a mix of actionable insights and quick high-level overviews of your game’s performance. Use the realtime view to monitor your game during launches.

Reports with audience breakdowns, data exporting, and more

Get powerful reports that make it easy to analyze your sales and engagement by different audiences (ie. country, language, device) so you can optimize for your top audiences. Use a variety of metrics (see all), sort, filter, and export data. For sales reports, quickly switch between USD and Robux.

How do I get setup?

It takes less than 5 minutes and only 3 lines of code to get setup with Super Biz Analytics and then you’ll start seeing data within 24 hours. Learn more in the Super Biz Analytics Developer Docs.

What’s next for Super Biz Analytics?

In short, so much! We have a packed roadmap of things we want to build that will continue to help you optimize your game to maximize your game’s revenue. We also can’t wait to get your feedback and hear all your suggestion.

We’ll be posting updates on Twitter:

Is this free?

Yes! In the future we may charge for new features.

Where can I get support?

Leave a comment or join our Discord for additional support (via the Super Biz Roblox group).

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This is amazing! Definitely gonna look into using it for my game :smiley:


Why is this better than other analytic services, like Google, or Roblox?


I know that Roblox doesn’t offer as much stats as this might, however rather way, just use both, Can’t hurt!


Yeah but why? I’m asking a question that should’ve already been answered in the post.


It offers way better, more discrete and unique breakdowns of your sales. For example, the purchase price vs frequency chart helps you understand at which prices are the most profitable. It also tells you how many times players saw a purchase prompt but didn’t purchase anything.

Default Roblox breakdown doesn’t have this stuff, and you can’t set this up using Google Analytics. In-fact, Universal Analytics will stop working in July 1st, 2023, which was the API endpoint used by the Roblox Google Analytics module.


I’m currently using Bloxbiz Analytics as supplement to the limited Roblox PlayFab program, and I must say that Bloxbiz got very useful insights!

The UI is intuitive, insights are easy to understand and the reports can be exported.

Overall, a very nice tool!


One of my favorite use cases is really simple: identify what items don’t sell so you can remove them or make changes. You can do this really easily:

  1. Go to Reports > Sales Revenue > Products
  2. Sort descending by Purchases or by Conversion Rate
  3. Look to see what items have the least number of purchases and also many prompts. That means players are discovering the item, but not purchasing it.
  4. Remove the item, change the pricing, or explore other changes

Very nice resource! Thanks for making it!


Another powerful use case: you can use the Sales Revenue chart in the Dashboard to see the trend of revenue for different product types like Dev Products, Game Passes, or Assets (ie. clothing).

This is particularly useful when you release an update that tries to boost a specific type of revenue (ie. Assets) and, after the update, you want to understand if there was an an impact. In the above chart, you can clearly see a noticeable change to Asset sales.


A new chart is rolling out this week that helps you easily see the trend of your revenue breakdown over time.


This seems like a really cool service. I could see myself using it in the future.

Is the Analytics data collected by Bloxbiz sold to third parties? Or is it kept private & only accessible by developers of the game?


We don’t sell any data and don’t have any plans to.

Let me know if you get a chance to try the tool out. Would love your feedback.


Glad to hear that. I’ll get back to you once I can form some constructive feedback :slight_smile:


This is incredible. It will help me so much to balance the revenue and the amount of pay to win in my game, lol.

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We just released a new analytics feature: Realtime Analytics! See live data that automatically refreshes every minute.

Our hope is this makes it easier to monitor updates to your game, see trends, and catch outages.


I’m not sure if the data is correct because in my group I see 192K pending robux but the statistics are showing that I made 342K in the last 3 days, that’s impossible, even when I discount 30% it’s still over 210K. And for some reason, the Roblox monetization statistics are showing that I made 50K and these statistics are showing that I made 188K on the same day. The id of the game is “4711958375”.

Is there a way how to get it working correctly?

We rolled out v1.3 which adds new engagement metrics for Visits and Stickiness. In your Reports, you can now see Visits and Stickiness for different countries, languages, devices, and more.

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Reach out to us on our discord for support!

We added a new metric: RPV (Revenue per Visit)

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