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Super Biz Brand Collab

Brand Collab allows you to sign up to be contacted for brand partnerships that help you monetize and add new content to your game.

Create an account, add your game,
and open Brand Collab.


When we started Super Biz (formerly Bloxbiz) 2 year ago, our vision was to open the door for any Roblox developer to have the opportunity to work with top brands from all over the world. We started with immersive billboards, but even on day one we always had the vision for even more engaging and exciting branded content like gameplay, pop-up shops, and concerts. This past year we began to run a variety of these campaigns with amazing brands and top games on Roblox. This year we’re excited to open the door to even more games to have this opportunity with Brand Collab.

Brand Collab gives you the opportunity to be contacted for paid partnerships with brands like Mattel, Spin Master, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Hot Topic, Sony, Meta, Visa, and many more. When there is a partnership opportunity that fits your game, we will reach out and help coordinate next steps.


How does it work?
  1. Select from a list of brand partnerships/integrations and set your preferred minimum budget.
  2. If your game is a good fit with a brand, we may contact you.
  3. After being contacted, we’ll provide you with more details and help coordinate the campaign.
What types of brands and partnerships?
We work with top brands all over the world including Mattel, Spin Master, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Hot Topic, Sony, Meta, Visa, and many more.

Here are a few examples of brand partnerships that we’ve worked on:

I’ve signed up, why haven’t I been contacted?
There could be a few reasons:
  • There might not be an opportunity yet. Brand integrations occur sporadically throughout the year and an opportunity might not have popped up yet.
  • Your game hasn’t been a good fit. Brands look for specific game characteristics that match their brand when considering what game to integrate into.
  • Your game needs more traction. Brands are looking to reach large audience in top games on Roblox. You might need to first focus on growing your game to increase the chances of getting contacted for a brand integration.
Do you share my info with brands?

Only with your permission. We first identify if your game might be a good fit and then do a double opt-in: we ask the brand if they want to work with your game and we ask you if you want to work the brand. Only then will we the coordinate with you on what info to share to plan the campaign.

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I’ve worked with Super Biz for a Spin Master Brand Integration and can vouch it was a very straightforward and lucrative partnership. All the expectations for the integration were clearly expressed and payment was prompt. Would definitely be down to do another one in the future.


My experience working on a Brand Integration with Super Biz was incredible. The process was simple and the Super Biz staff were easy to coordinate with. Definitely interested in future opportunities.


Thank you both! It was awesome working with you guys as well!

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