Survival Game Update 3

I am currently working on a new survival game. The game is inspired by games like Minecraft, Muck, Terraria, etc. I have updated the test place today to showcase some features I have been working on. Any feedback on my game is appreciated.


  • New tree model
  • New water effects
  • Added iron & iron ore
  • Added Furnace


  • Removed enemies spawning and bugging the animations
  • Fixed resources and items spawning inside each other
  • Fixed tools hitting for more damage than they should
  • Minor fixes and changes to the inventory and hotbar system

If you want to try the game for yourself, a test place is open. Make sure to click “How to play” before starting.

Game keybinds:

  • Inventory (T)
  • Sprint (leftshift)
  • Pickup (E)
  • Drop Item (X)
  • Use (Mouse1)

Game link: Survival Game Testing Game Link

Development Videos: Youtube Devlog playlist

Previous development post: Survival Game Update 2

  • 7/10/2024 -
    I will be busy for the next couple of weeks so there won’t be any new updates pushed out to the test game. I’ll try to work on the game as much as possible in the mean time. I’m currently trying to rework the inventory system to something similar to Raft. When I get enough work done on the game I will post a new update.

Looking clean, checked out the development videos you’re making progress insanely quickly, keep up the great work lil bro!

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This survival game looks great so far! Nice job on it! It’s fairly basic though, you should add more types of trees and rocks, also add bushes, and more biomes. Otherwise, this is very nice!

Yeah I will add more content to the game, but for right now I want to get the core systems up and running. When I finish that I will add more content and actual gameplay. This will all take a while though because this is my first game where I’m building nearly everything from scratch and don’t rely on guides. I still consider myself a beginner scripter so I still have to wrap my head around a lot of concepts.

The plan is to add a couple of tiers of ores and trees. Bushes are pretty simple to add so I can do those with a couple of lines of code. I’m not sure about adding biomes because I planned for the game to take place on one island, and I’m not sure how to modify my world generation scripts to work with multiple biomes.