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The Dark Warriors

Celvestia’s Information Directory

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - Important Links
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

Greetings Celvestians and welcome! The purpose of this thread is to keep an organized list of all the currently active and most frequently updated documents that are tied directly to Celvestia and all of her assets. We hope this directory helps clarify any questions you may have about the group. However, if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for then you’re more than welcome to message one of our High Ranks, TheCelvestian himself, or any other member that’s been around in the group for quite some time. The next section will have a list of all the currently active links, channels, twitters, and so on that are running and are directly associated with Celvestia. However, we can’t link discord directly due to ROBLOX Terms of Service but you can find our discord link through TheCelvestian’s twitter. The link for the discord is pinned there and the twitter link can be found below and on TheCelvestian’s roblox profile.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Important Links]:black_small_square:

[TDW] Welcome to Celvestia (A Guide for New Member’s)

This guide is for new members within the group and it covers most of the basics that are associated with Celvestia. We hope it answers most if not all of your questions as it covers the general information regarding the group, the community, and its structure. We hope it’s a nice and easily digestible read for new members and younger audiences. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and goodluck with your career in Celvestia, Celvestian.

[TDW] Celvestia's Guide

This Group Guide goes more in-depth about the group compared to the New Member’s Guide. It features some extensive lore behind divisions, their purposes, and so on. It includes information behind the ranks, the grading structure, and how they function alongside one another. The guide also covers policies regarding veterans, ranks and their limits, tags, etc. There’s plenty to take a look at in the group guide if you’re considering to further advance your career in the ranks of Celvestia.

TheCelvestian’s Twitter + Pinned Discord Invite

On TheCelvestian’s twitter you can find information that is normally not posted on the group wall and sometimes not on discord either. You can also see what TheCelvestian is up to in his daily life as well. However, the twitter is currently not active and will be used later down the road. The discord link is pinned at the top of his page in-case you need to join the server.

[TDW] Celvestia's Promotion System

The Promotion System document covers how it functions as a system as well as the rewards associated with attending and performing well at events. It also covers medals and how they’re rewarded to people who have gone far beyond what is expected of their current Grade to do. All the digestible information related to this promotion system is listed inside the document with given ranges on how much Celvarium should be given out to different performances as well as the limit requirements behind each rank. This system is susceptible to change at any given moment.

[TDW] The Universal Decree of Celvestia

The Universal Decree of Celvestia lists all of the currently active Laws and Rules that are enforced within the borders of this great nation. Not only does it list off all the laws it also features the punishments that are associated with those said laws when broken. Feel free to read up on these laws to ensure your prevention from getting involved in future trouble. With the release of the Universal Decree it has also laid the ground-work for a Judicial Branch to be created within Celvestia and a possible court case system for higher level degree punishments if that person being accused wishes to make a case against the administration. This will all be thought-out thoroughly when the final document for the Judicial process is released.

[TDW] Celvestia's Tutorial Directory

The Tutorial Directory is pretty self-explanatory as it features tutorials, walk-through’s, and exercises for all kinds of courses, abilities, practices, and so on. This directory helps keep all of these tutorials (both community submitted or custom-made by the Venerius himself) under specific categories for the most efficently fast paced maneuvrability accessible to you. It also covers the basic criteria for creating a tutorial and submitting it to the Venerius himself.

[TDW] The Departments of S & V

The S & V Departments document covers the functionality of the Siderian and Venerian Grades in-terms of their roles and tasks when associated under a specific department. No, we do not give out department roles and base you off of just one specialized ability. We assign you tasks that best fit all of your strengths which varies from multiple fields at once. This maximizes your efficiency and usefulness towards the group. The rest of it is covered in the document itself with a more in-depth explanation as to how it all really works.

[TDW] Celvestia's War Records

The War Records document lists most of the wars that Celvestia has found itself locked in. There are several sections that can be found here such as the following: all the nations that were defeated by Celvestia in combat, nations that Celvestia has ceased negotiations with due to constant complications arising that was set in place by the opposing side, nations that have backed out of a war against us or have surrendered the war, and nations that have defeated us in war.

TheCelvestian’s Youtube Channel

On TheCelvestian’s youtube channel you’ll find videos regarding recent defenses, raids, meetings, oaths, and general updates that are publicized as videos. Sometimes you’ll see some videos that are out of the norm and are just uploaded for no reason and that’s just normal for TheCelvestian to do. Don’t mind that. He likes acting stupid most of the time.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

The directory will be updated regularly with new links and documents that are imperative for new members to take a look at. We hope this directory helps clear up any future questions that you may have in-regards to the group. However, as stated in the first section, if you have any questions that weren’t answered in any of the links above then you may reach out to a High Rank and ask them directly. Thank you for understanding and we hope you have a wonderful time here in Celvestia.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • AgnitedFury, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • SanityCheck, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Montrulio, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Embresk, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • WinterCelvestian, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Swordloxx, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Sketchys, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • GrandAllister, Beston of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


[TDW] Welcome to Celvestia

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