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The Dark Warriors

Celvestia’s Guide

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

[-Table of Contents-]


[1.0] - The History of TDW and About Celvestia
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - Ranks outline
[4.0] - The Grade Structure
[5.0] - Experience Policy
[6.0] - Alliance Information

  • [6.1] - Alliance Requirements
  • [6.2] - Mutual Defence Pact

[7.0] - War Information

  • [7.1] - War Requirements
  • [7.2] - War Terms

[8.0] - Shout Prefixes
[9.0] - Celvestian Laws
[10.0] - Divisions
[11.0] - Tutorials and Walk-through’s
[12.0] - Closing and External Links

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | The History of The Dark Warriors and About Celvestia]:black_small_square:

[TDW/Celvestia] About Us

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Ranks]:black_small_square:

Low ranks:
    X - [-] Celvestian Citizen
    X - [L1] Citerius
    X - [L2] Valorian
    X - [L3] Elenius
    X - [L4] Vexon

Middle Ranks:
    X - [M1] Bastillius
    X - [M2] Cyrex
    X - [M3] Sisteria
    X - [M4] Gradastian

High Ranks:
	25 - [H1] Kernalvus
    15 - [H2] Cerves
    10 - [H3] Beston
     8 - [HC1] Jakorious
     4 - [HC2] Celvas
     1 - [LDR] Venerius

	X - [-] Ally Representative
	X - [-] Retired Celvestian (Retired Members)

X = No limit of members for this rank
Number = Maximum members for rank

:black_small_square:[4.0 | The Grade Structure]:black_small_square:

The Celvestian Grade Structure sections every rank into separate categories based on their influence and position in Celvestia. The Grades help maintain structural integrity as well as keeping everything organized for an efficient and properly functioning system. Currently, our promotions are all based on experience and personal progress. What this means is if you’re experienced as it is then you won’t have a hard time progressing through the ranks, however, we will be monitoring your personal progress as you push forward. With that being said, we look for personal improvement in one’s behavior, skill, attitude, discipline, leadership and so on. Seeing you improve is what matters to us most. However, the way how promotions work will most likely be replaced soon enough with a brand new system, most likely a point system based around levels.

:black_small_square:[4.1 | Advancing the Cyterian Grade]:black_small_square:

This covers the foundation of Celvestia, the Cyterian Grade. The following ranks are the bedrock of the Celvestian Army. It is essential that you comprehend their responsibilities and duties, for when the time comes you’re held responsible for completing basic objectives. If you fail to complete said objectives then you will have a very difficult time progressing through the Cyterian grade. However, don’t lose heart, as those who are truly loyal to Celvestia and are willing to go as far as they can, demonstrating unyielding feats of passion, will excel in our ranks.

[X] Celvestian Citizen: Welcome to Celvestia! In this grade you are merely just a citizen of the great nation of Celvestia. For you to be promoted, you must attend an event or purchase the uniform. Doing so signifies that you’ve enlisted in the Celvestian Army. Now what kind of events am I talking about? Any! Training’s, raids, patrols, game events and so on! Anything that is considered an official Celvestian event. To be eligible for group fund donations you must reach the rank of [L2] Valorian before asking. Do not pester the Venerius continuously about funding, otherwise he will not provide it. Please respect his/her time and only ask twice at most (at different times in-case he/she hasn’t done it the first time).

[L1] Citerius - [L4] Vexon: You’ve enlisted yourself as a Citerius and have progressed into the Cyterian Grade of Celvestia! In these ranks you must further prove that you’re ready to excel in Celvestia. In [L1] - [L3] you’re expected to spend at least three days in total for these ranks. These are the ranks where mistakes are accepted and learned from. We’re less strict towards the low ranks in terms of expectations, however, that does not include discipline. We expect all of the low ranks to demonstrate discipline and maturity towards their high rank(s) in charge. Failing to do so will result in a hindered and rather difficult time in trying to climb the ranks.

[L5] Zistra: Currently the highest low rank in Celvestia. Those who hold this title are capable of showing off their leadership skills when it’s most necessary such as helping manage the [L1] - [L3] during raids, suggest promotions at events when asked and anything else that the Sisterian Grade calls for. You’re expected to spend at least five days in total in your current grade.

Promotions for Zistra are based differently than the other ranks due to it being based on whether or not you’re ready to challenge each of your individual abilities through the Sisterian Grade.

:black_small_square:[4.2 | Advancing the Sisterian Grade]:black_small_square:

You are essential to Celvestia’s growth. The Sisterian Grade members of Celvestia act as role models for the Cyterian Grade yet are oblivious to the responsibilities of the Higher Grades, at least until they reach Gradastian. The Sisterian Grade is a lot harder to progress through seeing as though it is heavily dependent on your abilities being honed and improved overtime as well as the amount of experience you have. However, don’t be discouraged while reading this. Much like what’s said for the Cyterian Grade, as long as you hold your head up high and keep looking forward you will succeed in what you’ve been trying to strive for.

[M1] Bastillius: Congratulations for achieving Sisterian Grade status! You have established your presence in Celvestia as a leader, skilled fighter, tactician and so forth. As a Bastillius you are setting an example for the Cyterian Grade members, like an elder sibling. You’re expected to spend at least seven days in your current rank and show exceptional improvement in your attributes overall.

[M2] Cyrex: You are at the pinnacle of your career in Celvestia. A Cyrex is known for their quick thinking and displays of unrivaled intelligence. The term Cyrex dates back to a Celvestian named Adaman Cyrex Lorseck. We dedicate this rank to him for his valiant service during the overthrow of Seranus. He gave his life for the cause of liberating Celvestia, and for that we commemorate him. At this rank you have shown us that you are a good leader and a valuable member who may one day progress into the Higher Grades. You’re expected to spend around 10 days in this rank.

[M3] Sisteria: Dedicated to the sister planet of Celvestia, Sisteria. The Sisterian-Celvestians are much like those who were birthed on Celvestia, the only difference is what planet they were conceived on, culture, and dialects. You have reached the highest rank achievable by attending events. In this rank you are preparing to become a Gradastian. In order to get promoted you must take the Siderian Oath, otherwise known as ‘The Oath Process’. You will be required to remain in this rank for at least three days before attempting the Abilities Test and Oath Process.

[M4] Gradastian: The Gradastian rank references to the term ‘graduation’. This rank symbolizes those who’ve climbed the ranks of Celvestia with nothing but sheer determination and persistence, with the end result being a step away from the Siderian Grade. This rank is also used to hold those who are currently being tested for the rank of Kernalvus. The Gradastian rank is constantly being refreshed and filtered as people either pass or fail their quotas. How do we tell if you’re ready for Kernalvus? It’s not just our judgement but yours we depend on as well. For you to be truly ready for Kernalvus you must be able to steadily criticize yourself and improve on the areas that you believe need work. We see it as a chance for you to self-improve with as many chances given to you to host events and attempt to spearhead them, allowing you to display your leadership capabilities. However, misusing the power given to you will have you sent straight down to to the Cyterian Grade, depending on the severity of the situation. Failing at this rank is a different scenario altogether, in this instance you will be placed at Bastillius or Cyrex.

:black_small_square:[4.3 | Advancing the Siderian Grade]:black_small_square:

The Siderian Grade is a mass of the most active and loyal Celvestians in all of Celvestia. Ranging from wise leaders to fierce fighters to brilliant tacticians, these are the Celvestians that have paved the way towards a brighter future. A beacon of hope, prosperity, vigilance, and power, the Siderian Grade is the most influential Grade in terms of being in the public eye. Celvestia looks up to these young leaders for guidance and protection, hence why they’re regarded as the backbone of the Celvestian structure. Siderian Grade members are role models to everyone around them, including the Venerian Grade. Often when the Siderian Grade shows unfathomable amounts of dedication and passion towards a specific goal and strive to no end to reach it, it inspires the older leaders and veterans by rekindling their flames once more, allowing them to experience a sense of nostalgia.

[H1] Kernalvus: Welcome to the Siderian Grade, Celvestian! Your duty as a Kernalvus is to train those under your grade, setting yourself as an example for others to follow. A Kernalvus should host events actively and consistently such as: game nights, raids, training’s, rallies, defenses, patrols and so on. Kernalvus are actively keeping the group together by monitoring the lower grade members’ behavior as well as managing the community’s overall integrity. Promotions for the Siderian Grade members will be based on activity and merit. Your involvement in the community as well as your contribution to the group’s overall growth and structure also further increases your chances of advancing higher into the grade.

[H2] Cerves: This rank is achieved by being active, showing maturity and discipline, and going above and beyond what is expected of the Siderian Grade. The rank of Cerves is very influential over Celvestia as a whole since it holds a variety of responsibilities and expectations that help keep the structure together. Cerves help supervise the current Kernalvus in efforts to shape them into disciplined Siderian Grade members. Cerves and above can initiate the Oath Process for [M3] Sisteria and help manage the group when the Venerian Grade members are gone. To get promoted from this rank you must show exceptional maturity and you must help with the group as a whole by going above and beyond what is expected of a Siderian Grade member, as said before.

[H3] Beston: Beston is regarded as the training wheels for the Venerian Grade. Beston are practically Venerian-Celvestians in-training. What is a Venerian-Celvestian? They’re basically the high elites of Celvestia and hold positions of power that can control Celvestia’s regions. The Bestons are the highest and most experienced of the Siderian Grade, acting as the elders for this grade and overseeing all the other ranks below them. Becoming a Beston is exceptionally difficult as it requires you to understand the structure of Celvestia completely as well as being highly favored among the populace. Not only that but Beston is based on a selection based system where the Venerian Grade members come together to decide who out of the Siderian Grade is worthy enough to become Beston.

:black_small_square:[4.4 | Advancing the Venerian Grade]:black_small_square:

The most powerful and influential Grade in all of Celvestia. The Venerian Grade stems its name from the Venerius rank itself. The reason being for this name choice is because of the connections made between the Venerius and the HC members. These connections are rooted to the point where it’s considered as a bloodline, making the Venerian Grade all the more harder to reach. Members of the Venerian Grade are considered the Venerius’ right and left hand, assisting him/her in keeping Celvestia orderly and in its prime. With that being said, all promotions from here on out are solely based on the Venerius’ decision as it is his/her choice to decide on who’s assisting him/her.

[HC1] Jakorious: Welcome to the Venerian Grade! As a High Command member you’ve shown the group that you have exceptional knowledge of the lore and group structure and have been an active and efficient member of the community. This is expected to continue no matter what. The Jakorious are considered battle hardened and war-ready Celvestians due to their eagerness on passing votes to push forward on galactic conquest. With that being said, you are now in charge of a large portion of the Celvestian Army. You are also expected to attend important events and keep track of all of the Grades, making sure the community holds together and abides to Celvestia’s Laws. The only possible way of progressing from here is dependent on the Venerius’ decision himself.

[HC2] Celvas: The Celvas are the second in command of Celvestia. The only entities that could possibly overpower Celvas in terms of influence would be the Venerian Bloodline and The Order of the White Raven. As a Celvas, you’re actively overseeing the other grades, Celvestia’s activities, and national progress (development, galactic conquest, etc). The Venerius expects the Celvas members to be the most mature and respectable Celvestians, for whenever it’s necessary, he can undoubtedly depend on them. You must now keep track of everything happening in Celvestia and do what you must to keep activities balanced and fair. Expectations and responsibilities are heavily weighed on the Celvas, however, for the sake of Celvestia they have and will continue to endure for as long as they can breathe.

[LDR] Venerius: The Venerius himself, a prideful and powerful figure that’s feared across the galactic systems. Although he/she may be noble and kind, do not mistaken this as a vulnerability. The Venerius is known for his/her military prowess and quick thinking that has led us to this point and time in Celvestia’s history. The current Venerius has successfully defeated over one hundred nations in conflict, resulting in two massive galactic systems being birthed. The Venerius is an incredibly skilled and wise Celvestian with an undying loyalty towards Celvestia. The Venerius will lay down his/her life in order to protect the very foundation Celvestia was built upon. The only way someone can become a Venerius is by the approval of the current Venerius as well as an overwhelmingly positive response from the current community and past veterans. Reputation is one of the many deciding factors towards being elected as a Venerius, however, it isn’t the only one. Your term as Venerius will last until the very end of your Celvestian lifespan or until you choose to retire after a notable amount of time.

:black_small_square:[5.0 | Experience Policy]:black_small_square:

The Experience Policy offers veterans and retired Celvestians a chance at kick-starting their time in Celvestia once more. If you’re a veteran who decided to leave the group instead of choosing to be ranked as a Retired Celvestian and then decide to come back, you will only be given two options: Option 1 - Start over. And Option 2 - Start from Elenius. However, if you’re a veteran and chose to stay in the group with the Retired Celvestian rank, you will be given four options: Option 1 - Start over. Option 2 - Start from Elenius. Option 3 - Start from Zistra. And Option 4 - Start from Sisteria. With that being said, if you choose to start from Sisteria then you will be required to take the Siderian Oath and if necessary you will go through whatever courses that are applicable to you in the Soradyne Core based on your flaws/weaknesses. After completing your given assignments and oath you will then wait patiently and continue to host events as an [M4] Gradastian until you’re voted in by the S & V Grade members as an [H1] Kernalvus. We also provide funding for the veterans uniform which is found in TheCelvestian’s inventory.

:black_small_square:[6.0 | Alliance Information]:black_small_square:

Celvestia is an advocate for prosperous alliances. We believe firmly in establishing connections and relations with other powerful nations across the galactic systems. Not only does this strengthen both nations mutually benefiting from the alliance, it also brings the galactic systems closer to one another, establishing a true Utopian universe.

:black_small_square:[6.1 | Alliance Requirements]:black_small_square:

  • Must be more than 50 members.
  • Must bring more than 12+ people per event.
  • Must have a decent logo, description, and uniform.
  • Must have a training center and an Outpost/FOB/Fort/Capital/etc. A meeting and rally center is not required but it’s nice to have in-case of joint rallies and allied meetings.
  • Must have a decent HICOM structure with active HR’s.
  • Must have a stable reputation.

Once you’ve passed these requirements send a PM to the Venerius or a Celvas. If you have any questions feel free to ask the Venerius or any High Command member via PM.

:black_small_square:[6.2 | Mutual Defense Pact]:black_small_square:

  • We will assist each other in raids and defenses.
  • One, or more, representatives are required to join the allied group in order to establish a successful and healthy line of communication.
  • We will hold joint events (Trainings/Raids/PR’s, etc…) regularly.
  • Celvestia will provide security from bullying (Example: Large clan threatening a smaller clan) as long as the alliance is active.
  • We can help each other with technology if necessary.

:black_small_square:[7.0 | War]:black_small_square:

For war-time activities, Celvestia has come prepared with a premade list of war-terms as well as requirements for clans to meet in order to successfully engage in a healthy and productive war. We hope to have a fair and fun war with whoever our future adversaries may be.

:black_small_square:[7.1 | War Requirements]:black_small_square:

To war with Celvestia, your group must meet these requirements:

  • Must be more than 50 members.
  • Must bring more than 10+ people per event.
  • Must not be old animation sword based: [TDW] My Stance on Old Animations
  • Must have a fair and functioning base.
  • Must not have a slandered reputation.
  • No old animations.
  • No final battles.
  • No scrimmages.

:black_small_square:[7.2 | War Terms]:black_small_square:

NOTE: As stated in the link below, these are all negotiable.
[TDW] Celvestia's War Terms Template

:black_small_square:[8.0| Shout Information]:black_small_square:

The following shout tags are currently in-use by Celvestia:

[MSG] = This tag is used for broadcasting an in-general message.

[URGENT MSG]/[URG MSG] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message of utter importance.

[TRAIN]/[TRAINING] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a training is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[DEFEND]/[DEFENDING] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a defense is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[RAID]/[RAIDING] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a raid is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[PATROL] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a patrol is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[MEETING] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a meeting is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[Ally-D] [Ally Assist] [Ally Defense] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that an allied defense is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[JT] [Joint -T] [Joint Training] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a joint training is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[Thread] [Link] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message directly linking to another ROBLOX supported site. For example, the Developers Forum.

[REC] [Recruitment] = This tag is used for broadcasting a message stating that a recruitment session is taking place at whatever time is listed.

[QotD] = This tag is used for broadcasting ‘Question of the Day’ messages.

[KIS] = This tag is used for whenever a message needs to stay posted on the shout for a considerable amount of time. This may only be over-shouted for an event and must be re-shouted after the event.

Extra Shouts: If your event/message is not on this list then you may use a custom prefix, but try and keep the form consistent with the others. Ex: [Test], [Question], etc…

During events, the shout may only be changed if the event is mentioned first or the over-shouter can be punished.

:black_small_square:[9.0| Celvestian Laws]:black_small_square:

[TDW] The Universal Decree of Celvestia

:black_small_square:[10.0| Divisions]:black_small_square:

All active/official divisions are found in the allies tab of ‘The Branches of Celvestia’.

Unoma’s Bloodline are the elites of Celvestia. Regarded as a blood-thirsty and destructive force, the Ultarians get the job done regardless of the magnitude of the task. These guys are the real deal.

The Celvestian Knights are considered as the Royal Defenders of Celvestia. What this means is they’re the soul protectors of everything sacred such as Celvestian Temples. Aside from this they also act as guardians for many events and if necessary are a tactical force on the front lines of battle.

Celvestian Donations is used for paying out up to 10 robux to those who need it to purchase the uniforms. Think of it as a personal bank for Celvestian members.

The Celvestian Universe is a hub for all ‘role-playing’ nations residing within the Celvestian Universe. It is currently not open and won’t be until all our other projects are finalized.

【ⓉⒹⓌ】 Divisions is a holder group that keeps track of all the inactive/unofficial divisions associated with Celvestia. Everything is found in the allies tab of the group.

The Order of the White Raven rivals the authority of the HC of Celvestia. The White Ravens are truly the pinnacle of royalty and elite prestige that embark all the right aspects of the average Celvestian. They consist of all types of ranked Celvestians and are mainly influential, wealthy, and/or powerful Celvestians. It’s named the ‘White Raven’ in respect to Sorahn, the King of the Celvestian Gods, who’s known for the ‘White Raven’ mask.

Yes this is an official division. No you can’t join unless you’re dedicated to the cause of spreading birbs across the universe. #Birb4EverFlock2Gether

The Celvestian Noverians are essentially a sub-group, much like the Hydenians. They reside within Celvestia and are considered to be the ‘Military Police’ essentially. They help monitor and keep events/patrols civil and orderly while keeping the peace of the nation intact.

The Gradastian Soradyne Core is a program that helps Gradastians and other lower Grade members strengthen their weaknesses and ensures their overall success after completing the course that they’re assigned to based on what they need help with the most. Everything you need to know about the core is explained thoroughly here: [TDW] The Gradastian Soradyne Core

There are plenty of other divisions out there that have been discontinued, however, in lore, most of them remain intact such as ‘The Celvestian Ghosts’ and ‘The Celvestian Guard’.

:black_small_square:[11.0| Tutorials and Walk-through’s]:black_small_square:

Celvestia’s Tutorial Directory:
[TDW] Celvestia's Tutorial Directory

:black_small_square:[12.0| Closing and External Links]:black_small_square:

Celvestia’s Promotion System
[TDW] Celvestia's Promotion System

The Oath Process for [M3] Sisteria:
[TDW] The Siderian Oath

The Universal Decree of Celvestia:
[TDW] The Universal Decree of Celvestia

The S & V Departments
[TDW] The Departments of S & V

The Universe Community Project
[TDW] The Universe Community Project

Creating Your Own OC
[TDW] Creating Your Own Original Character

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Zerarid, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • MysticCelvestian, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • CelvestianPrime, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • DarkenedVoids, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • xAmy_021, Beston of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


[TDW] Celvestia's Information Directory
[TDW] Department Procedures & Laws
[TDW] The Gradastian Soradyne Core
[TDW] Welcome to Celvestia

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