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Could you try again? We just turned off some platform changes that may have caused this.


I don’t know if this is supposed to be instant or take some time, but so far, still the same issue. I’ll edit the post if anything changes :confused:


Could you check to see if the publish is actually successful? One of the engineers reported a bug where we are misreporting errors even though the publish was successful.


The version history seems to align with the publish times. Hopefully it works as expected :grimacing:



This should be resolved now. Thanks for the report!


Enabling Team Create while test playing often results in work being lost and overall buggy behaviour. Developers should not have the option to enable Team Create while test playing with the current functionality.


When attempting to use DataStore:GetAsync() or DataStore:SetAsync() in team create Test In Window or Local Server in a place not owned by you, rather than functioning as expected it errors insteaddda26a2b892a7cd53b48ae36f8aa9eb4


When I play the game in studio and I view the properties of lighting is kicks me if I do it from the client and if I try from the server it crashes studio. This is not cool at all and I need an fix for this.


By play, do you mean PlaySolo, or Start Server/Start Player?
Is this reproducing for you every time? (I was not able to reproduce locally)
Are you in a team create session by yourself, or with others?


EDIT: Problem doesn’t occur anymore. I guess it’s fixed.

I’ve found an really annoying bug. Whenever I undo my action my camera position goes to to the 0,0,0 point.

makes it impossible to work on Team Create, problem exists in all Team Create places.

Temporary fix: in explorer change your camera type to any other type and then change it back to fixed, works until you leave from the place


Thanks for the report. We will take a look


So I’ve been independently building for a while so I didn’t have the need to enable team create but now that I’m working with a few other developers, and my studio crashes.

I’m able to get onto studio and see other users in studio (w/ team create) while they edit live however whenever I select a brick/script from the window and explorer or copy and paste my stuff from a different game to the current, my studio crashes and is forced to close the program.

These are my computer’s specs,

Any help is appreciated, thanks!