Team Create Bugs. Post 'em Here!

I apologize for that. There is a problem with the service. Our operations team is working on resolving it as we speak.

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Nice on the quick response.

Are you aware if the problem encompasses the issue listed here as well?

Yes, sounds like it.

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Thanks for the quick response to the issue.

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I just got a report that the issue is resolved.


Big thanks to you and the ops team :+1:.

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If you are experiencing issues with Team Create right now, please see [ROBLOXCRITICAL] Unable to join any game

When I undo scaling to a part, the part’s position changes. And if I have constraints on, scaling a part constantly changes the part’s position. These bugs only happen in Team Create.



Hi Lightning_Splash,
Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. For progress updates on a fix, please see this thread:

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Team Create does not save any Camera objects after you leave, including any ThumbnailCameras added to models.

This is an inconvenience for me because I work with someone to publish various skins for the vehicles in our game, and I placed vehicles in specific positions with ThumbnailCameras so that I could easily capture thumbnail icons for all of the skins (just apply the skin to the vehicle and then use the ThumbnailCamera already stored in the model). However, all of the camera objects need to be replaced each time I open the place.

The only bugs I have stumbled across in studio recently is the fact that team create disconnects quite often, for little to no reason at all. When meshes, decals etc are imported, you have to leave team create and rejoin for them to be visible. Not only this, but when you add a friend and then invite to team create, you have to close out of your place and rejoin just to add them into team create once they accept your friend request.

So my friend and I have been working in team create together, but we both took screenshots of the place at the same time and we see different things. Here is my perspective : Alanze%20Perspective
and here is my friend’s perspective :

I’m not really sure how this is possible, but whenever there is a discrepancy between what we both see my internet starts being really slow. Also another thing to note is when I hit alt+p to publish the place, half of the time I only get “Sent message to server to publish.” and it never publishes. I’m not sure if theres something wrong with my internet or if its just team create.
Edit: Just found out that roblox studio is trying to send between 10 an 15 Mbps and my internet upload speed is only 2 Mbps, could this be the problem? Speed


Team create “corrupting” places.
Previously it was the case where if studio would repetitively pop up with “unable to open the place. please restart your application and try again. If you continue to encounter this error, please contact customer service.” could just go back to an autosave and make a new place out of it. Now that same error is happening for autosave versions aswell.
As far as I am aware there is nothing weird about the place. It has a few disabled scripts and a bunch of parts. No unions, meshes, animations or anything like that. It’s literally just parts and terrain.

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Given I can’t make new topics here- and I’m having a similar issue.
I can load some team creates fine- but a few specific ones I cannot.
This team create I made (two or three days ago) and have been working on with a friend neither of us can open anymore- it just loads for a minute or two before popping up with the generic “Unable to open the place. Please restart your application and try again. If you continue to encounter this error, please contact customer service.”
I can still make new team creates and I can still access some other teamcreates, I checked back the team create I had this problem with a couple of months ago and I still can’t open that one either.
If I take the autosave file- and make a NEW team create place (has to be a new one- if I set it to the current one it doesn’t work) then it works as a team create, but then the problem occurs again after reopening studio and I’m stuck with another place in my places that I can’t access or delete or anything.
It would be good if there was at least an option to disable team create from outside of studio…
Tried restarting PC etc. but my friend is having same issue so I doubt it’s a local problem.
That place and any autosaves taken from that place (once they are put into a team create server) just don’t work.
It also is SOMETIMES the case that the same error comes up when you just try to open the autosaves as a normal place, but it’s 100% of the time when it’s a team create place.
The problem occurs if my friend uploads the same file to a new team create made on his account also.

Only fix I’ve found so far is reverting the place to an older version before team create was enabled, but that results in losing data. Strangely enough the autosave I have is significantly more up to date than his autosave even though we left the game at the same time, specifically it looks like the scripts I was working on are just "print (“hello world”) on his autosave, but are complete on mine. Strange but I presume unrelated.

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Then please link the specific ones that you cannot. Engineering can’t help you if you’re not specific and don’t include examples of places that don’t work.

Edited to include more detail and specific place example- thanks.

Thanks for the report! We will take a look.

Team creates won’t publish for me at the moment:

Works fine when publishing using Publish As

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Thanks for reporting that. Can you please provide us more details, e.g. is it place specific? Is the place large? Can you PM your logs?

I’ve had this issue as well since last night. Still unable this afternoon.