Terrain Tool Beta: QOL Improvements

Hi all,

As some of you may have seen, we’ve been doing some quality of life updates to various parts of Studio including the terrain tools. We have some more improvements to the terrain tools planned, with some being very straightforward (fixing conditions that cause errors) and some involving behavior tweaks to different tools.

Based on the feedback we received from you, we have begun to roll out a new Terrain Quality of Life (QOL) features and improvements beta. If you would prefer to opt-out of the new QOL beta features, you can do so through the beta features menu in Studio.

The first change in this beta will be adding an “Ignore Parts” option to the various terrain tools to address your feedback.

:bell: For information on future changes/additions, please follow this thread as we will be updating this post as we add behavior-changing features to the beta. If you observe a problematic behavior change in the terrain tools as a result of this beta, please provide feedback here, and if the issue negatively impacts your workflow, you can temporarily disable the Terrain Quality of Life beta using the standard Studio beta features tool.

Once we’ve addressed all the major changes we plan to release in the next few months, we will remove the beta opt-out option and fully deploy the new improvements!

Thank you


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I’m so incredibly enthused by this update! Let me tell you how much of a pain it was without this feature.

My showcase uses terrain dotted around various areas. They are reminiscent of small piles of trash or debris. When terrain tools did interact with parts, I could simply add a blotch of terrain using the “Add” tool- then shape it.

After the update, I could no longer do this- instead, I head to either use existing terrain, which was cumbersome to make like a line across my showcase, or to use the region/search and replace tool which was not accurate at smaller scales and was not a good solution. The best thing I came up with was using a Part-to-Terrain tool, but this was incredibly slow.

I am excited that this issue will no longer exist, but I will also have the ability to play even more with part-terrain interaction! I’m glad the solution you chose was a toggle- this will help my experience as a developer immensely.

I am happy that Roblox listened to community feedback. I can’t wait to see what further terrain QoL changes y’all implement.

I can dot terrain around my showcase easily again! Yay!


i like terrain :slightly_smiling_face: its so fun to mess with colors as this is gonna make it so much better and more entertaining

tysm roblox u are the best


Nice update! It’d be cool if we can get something where terrain physically ignores parts.
That could help with games that are underwater with submarines could remove the water inside the cabin but still have it outside without having to constantly update it. Especially on very thin exteriors like a canoe or something like that.

Most big games have that type of feature with water so it’s a shame Roblox doesn’t have the same.




Not 100% what I could use this update for but nice to see the terrain editor is getting updates once again. Trust me though, If you fix the water line issue from water to terrain :eyes:
The Roblox community will absolutely praise you.


The fact the person mentioned the SAME Exact thing right under my post justifies how much we need the waterline fixed.


Thank you for doing this really. But I’m wondering if the smooth tool will get improved? Currently it doesn’t really smooth stuff out and actually does the opposite, I really would love for it to be improved because currently this really frustrates me when working with terrain. Also, this might be out of the scope of the project but will the water blending be improved? If not can it be in the near future? It’s currently super ugly and some people dont even use terrain because of the water blending. This could be improved by simply not allowing water interact with terrain so it doesn’t bulge up, or have an option to if people really do want that behavior.


I would like a way to get current water height / position at a any Vector3 position.


I would love to have a lot more ways to generate terrain with Perlin noise and Perlin worms.


Ngl I would love a way to allow Terrain Regions to not be limited to the server but to the client kind of a pain doing chunks of terrain for certain areas and not being able to load them exclusively on the client
Only realistic way of loading terrain on the client is to use parts → Terrain


Wow finally! this was needed so mcuh and the fact that this took do long to add is… sad.
Looking forward to it

you’re in luck, someone made a module or something for this Sampling Terrain Water Height at Any Position - #3 by IceTheOneAndOnly


Roblox, this is one of the best updates you did with terrain. I just really wish you could make it easier to make more realistic terrain. As well update textures and such. Another thing you could do if help beginner terrain makers with a small window that shows how you would suggest making realistic terrain as some beginners usually don’t use YouTube. Cool updates are always welcomed but there’s some more things you could improve on. Like the other post the water could ignore the part, be realistic and better for boats. You could also add it so where that’s an option of course yes, because players not might want that for their game. You could also add a cave maker, using the erode tool for caves can always be hard. There’s also a tool called Brushtool its a plugin. You could remake it so players could place models or trees better!


Add a mountain tool! Making mountains is such a hassle. We had one like wayyyy back in 2012 and it was awesome, but it got lost in translation somewhere.


Throw a 0.95 transparent neon glass part inside your boat above the water line.


but what does that do to the boat?


It makes the water invisible, that way it looks like the boat isn’t full of water.


Finally! I am quite hyped for this update not sure if anyone else is!


They’re already working on that.


That works to an extent, Also it wasn’t neon but glass. 0.95 was still noticeable so I instead did 0.999

Still would be a lot cooler if this was a built-in function for terrain.


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, it’s been a pain and it finally we get it fixed! :pray:

I’ve had to remove it manually with the remove tool as it went through sometimes but now I’ve been saved.