Terrain QOL Beta: Adjustable Plane Lock

Heya developers! :wave:

As some of you may know, we’ve had a Terrain Quality of Life Beta in Roblox Studio for a bit now. Over the past few months we’ve added more and more features to it.

Today we’re pleased to bring you the newest of these features… :drum:

Introducing, Adjustable Plane Lock! :lock:

As the name suggests, Plane Lock now has an option to move your plane to exactly where you want it!

As you can see…

  • Planes now have the option for precise placement and orientation
  • You no longer have to hold click forever to edit terrain on a persistent plane
  • Manually placed planes are persistent between tools
  • The current Plane Lock functionality is preserved under the “Auto” option

Plane Lock’s settings and plane now persist between all tools. We’re thinking about expanding this functionality to other brush settings as well. Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Helpful Shortcuts :keyboard: :computer_mouse:

  • Shift + Ctrl + Space to toggle into and out of editing your plane while in Manual Mode
  • Ctrl + L to toggle between local and world manipulation mode
  • Shift + Scroll Wheel to resize your terrain brush
  • Ctrl + Scroll Wheel to change the strength of your terrain brush

If you are on a Mac, the Ctrl key is the same as the ⌘ key.

:confetti_ball: Major kudos to @YodelerYoshi, @GoatRBX, @4thchamber, @phri, and @LuckyKobold for making this happen! :confetti_ball:


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Love it! One thing I’ve noticed though is your working next to the water, Are there any active plans on fixing the water line or giving the entire water system an overhaul in the near future?

Edit - Someone also liked a post that brought back up my notifications, If you ever do plan on giving the water an overhaul this would be something that would be amazing to add.


Ooooo dats niceeee Will we ever be able to scale and lock the size smaller than the standard 3x3 “studs” kind of size? :thinking:


Sadly, we’ll probably never see a size less than 3×3×3 studs since Roblox terrain works on 4×4×4 studs I believe.


This looks like a great addition to terrain QoL! :sunglasses:


This looks amazing! does it remove other terrain too thoughÉ


Very nice for terrain builders. Does it also look good in non block-based terrain chunks?


Nope, the old plane lock functionality is still available if you press the auto button. We’re only adding features, not removing any :slight_smile:


This works for all types of materials, including ones like grass, asphalt, basalt, brick, etc. This is only an addition to the existing plane lock that allows you to specify where that plane is located, rather than having it be based solely on your camera and initial mouse cursor position.


This is a really good update!

Whenever I’d want to create a flat piece of land it would be near impossible, especially if it was very large, for the add tool would rely on the below terrain for it’s plane. For example:

If I wanted the layers to all be of the same height, I would have to click and hold for a very long time- sometimes running out of mouse space, leading to an awkward control + z shuffle as I tried to get the plane right.

One thing I also noticed is that plane lock is now not only limited to the XYZ or 45 degree angles- I can make the terrain go at whatever angle I want! This is exciting!

Thank you. :]


I am so glad this is out now. I could have used it plenty in the past but I have a bunch of terrain work ahead of me and will definitely be using this new and improved Plane Lock! A special thanks from me to the developers who contributed to this very useful feature!


nice and i’m glad that noticed me QOL Beta Terrain is good working of active and i also looks great just adjustable plane lock can still able to adding of terrain beta plans to active in the future system


I remember making terrain and suffering because this wasn’t here, so glad you finally added it :sweat_smile:


If you use Part to Terrain (a plugin by mkargus) you can get super thin terrain. Useful if you don’t want to use terrain but you want to use terrain decoration. If Roblox reads this, please allow Decoration on BaseParts.


Did you mean to remove the strength option for the erode tool?
I remember it being there recently, was there a reason for its removal? Because not having the ability to control the strength on it is irritating, Grow, Smooth and Flatten all have strength config’s still.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This was not intentional and we are working on a fix. I will update this thread once we have a solid date.

EDIT: Fix will be in next week’s release


Wow this is going to be so helpful when making things that have to be straight.


This was a well needed feature, and allows more precise movements when creating terrain.


This is a really cool update! It’s like the transform tool, but for terrain editing. This will help speed up the process of creating epix looking terrain. I will be using this feature a lot.