Texture Offsets



As a Roblox developer, it’s currently too hard to make textures align across different parts, like in this example:

I propose that we add the ability for developers to specify a texture offset on Textures (and perhaps other objects dealing with images).

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it will become easier to align Textures/Decals/etc between parts. I think this would be helpful for a lot of people.

Reply to Texture Offsets

Support this feature. Much easier than having to make unions for the flooring.


At one point the developers said they had planned to do this, but it was probably a year ago and since then, it seems to have been deprioritized. :frowning:


We are currently working on a new rendering system for parts and as such can’t provide this feature - it’s simple to implement in the current system but it might be harder to implement in the new one so we’d rather finish it first. I believe this is currently in the limbo state in our API proposal list because of that.


Any update on this? It’s been 1.53151 years since the last update and 2.3 years since it was “accepted”. I’ve been working on and off on a big project for the past year or so that heavily utilizes textures, and the lack of this feature is making it impossible to work on it any more. While manually aligning everything is an “option”, it’d take months to do that for single maps when it could be done in hours or even minutes using texture offsets.
I’ve gotten so desperate that I even tried using SurfaceGUIs with recently added imagelabel tile feature. While it worked on standard parts, I think most people would rather play a game at 60fps than 15fps.

One major problem I’m having is with unions. Unions handle textures differently than parts for whatever reason, and it’s impossible to get it to act normally without uploading a second version of a texture specifically made for unions.

With texture offsets, it’d be really easy to make textures align without going through performance hell

I think that it’d be better to add offsets and rotation for textures now than to wait another year for the new system to be complete, especially if it’s simpler to add it now. This would be really useful for a lot of people.