The Better BasePlate Plugin



Finaly a brand new update on the [Better Baseplate Plugin!] :tada:(
Following stuff has happened.


  • Fixed Gui Scaling
  • Fixed Over-lapping text.


  • Plugin has a brand new layout that scales perfectly.
  • The plugin has now Dark and Light mode to change press ALT+S Studio > General > UI
  • Removed Old Gui Style.


Hope you may find this plugin usefull.


I currently use this plugin ( to insert a grid texture by Lunya:

I think that’d be a nice addition to this plugin.


I was wondering if there were plugins for this, as I wanted to customize the default baseplate without having to resort to clonetrooper’s studio mod manager.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Nice work on the plugin.


Looks good man, loving the new update


Just aded 4 brand new baseplates
this texture has been requested by @Tiffblocks

i will maybe add soon the option to store a baseplate so you can use it everywhere else later on.


Does this plugin allow for the baseplate to remove the studs on it and replace it with the grid? Additionally, is there like a set button where you can set it to your favorite baseplate and just need to press that button to load?
If so, I may find this useful.


I love this plugin already.

It would be really nice to set a default Baseplate.

local baseplate = Workspace:FindFirstChild("Baseplate")
if game.PlaceId == 95206881 and baseplate and baseplate:IsA("Part") then
-- apply default

That way whenever I open a new baseplate it is already applied for me.

(Hmm this might not work for Ctrl+N)


working on a system where you can set your defaulth baseplate and once the plugin loads in and finds a defaulth baseplate it will change automaticly, aswell as upload your own.


Brand new update

  • Added so you can Select your prefered baseplate
  • A Toggle for if you want it to load automaticly
  • You can change your baseplate without being scared it will change the auto selected one
  • Gui fixes
  • Dark Theme Fixes

Screen Shots



Just a nitpick, but you misspelled “Grid” as “Gird” multiple times.


already fixed that but thanks for mentioning tho.


Are we allowed to use the textures in our builds as “free models” or would the creators prefer it just remains in the plugin?


go ahead! i have no problem with that. the plugin is free. so are the textures.


Ight. Love you brother. We’ll talk when I get back from DC on the 30th.


“Gird” ??? you mean grid?


lol, already fixed it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great job on the plugin! Looking forward to future updates! :smiley:


This is an amazing plugin. Now I don’t have to insert my free model grid baseplate every time I want a grid baseplate! :smiley:


I currently don’t use this because my preferred baseplate is a checker pattern with a very tiny pastel blue tint. Is this possible to be added? I’m sure other devs would prefer this too. Thanks in advance. :smiley: