The forum is producing a lot of spam right now

muting a category which is intended for valuable discussion about professional roblox development because it’s being spammed by kids who don’t know what they’re doing is not a valid excuse


Are you serious? The ‘discussions’ in #development-discussion, is not even relevant or proper discussions about development, and you’re saying ‘there will be close to no discussion’, the discussion threads in #development-discussion is already trash, and discussing about off-category topics in #development-discussion is not at all helpful and it’s destroying the use of #development-discussion, the ‘discussions’ you’re claiming are mostly trash and shouldn’t be entertained, because the way I see it, entertaining an off-topic discussion would put in people’s minds to also put more off-topic discussions just to get likes, or post whatever they think of, instead of thinking about the forum’s rules before posting.

Back also when TL2 was the ones creating topics at #development-discussion there’s more proper discussions related to development, and that’s a better option for the #development-discussion because it protects it’s quality from being a #development-discussion category, rather than getting dumped by off-topic, irrelevant, or spam topics.

We know, there’s a mute category, I’m not bothered by the notifications sent by the response from people’s who’s replying from an off-topic thread in the #development-discussion, but we’re simply stating that the quality of #development-discussion is getting destroyed by spam or irrelevant posts. Honestly, if you ask myself, they should just close it down entirely for Members, until a replacement for Post Approval comes along because they already gave TL1 users this ability, but all we see is that they abused this ability to post whatever topics they want to post there, and I think they’re always getting the wrong message of ‘development discussion’ every time they see a word ‘discussion’ in it they tend to think that they could post whatever topic in their just as long as it’s a ‘discussion’ topic, despite the fact that they forgot the word ‘development’, and this just brought in a bunch of off-topic threads being made at #development-discussion, as for spam topics, the reason for this is that people tend to not even use the search bar despite the fact that the topic has already been posted. Personally I’ve seen a spam topic being posted 5 hours later after the original topic was posted, and this just shows how bad spam is at #development-discussion.

We’re not bothered by the notifications being sent to us from trash, spam, or irrelevant topics at #development-discussion, but we’re simply bothered that the way #development-discussion is being used is already ruined from it’s main point - to give a discussion category for developers to create useful and beneficial discussion development-related threads, so don’t recommend that ‘there’s a mute button’, we already know that, by common sense, and we’re just bothered to see that #development-discussion is getting ruined.

Lastly, might I add, stop justifying that #development-discussion is fine with it’s current position, the forum’s #development-discussion is not a dumping ground for irrelevant posts.

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Muting the category doesn’t fix the issue as it is still being abused. Some users including myself have it muted but only check it to flag topics.


Here look, this is incorrect:

“Lastly, might I add, stop justifying that #development-discussion is fine with it’s current position, the forum’s #development-discussion is not a dumping ground for irrelevant posts.”

Either way, we should end this dispute as it serves no purpose, we both have different opinions and that is accepted.

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This happens more in the announcements area where it’s easier to do. Case in point, every single Accelerator Application post is just filled with “I’m not 18 but I can’t wait to be” posts or “I wish I could but I can’t cuz I’m busy with (x)”

Just pointless posting crap like that but they’ll do it every time cuz they think it’ll get them into Regular status. The worst part is the people who give them likes, because they don’t have the ability to post so they’re just spam liking anything and everything. It makes the pointless posts look like they aren’t pointless even when they are.


I’ll just quote my reply on why closing DD isn’t a good idea.


I will disagree with you. The extremely vague guidelines of #development-discussion are the problem. Closing it off until a replacement for Post Approval is the way to go about it

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I’m stating the fact, that they should just temporarily close it down while there’s no replacement for Post Approval. If there’s a new system where they could approve or disapprove irrelevant posts being posted at #development-discussion, I see no reason why it should be close for Members, but until then, I’d definitely prescribe they temporarily close the #development-discussion category.

Sorry for the bump but I change my mind. Development discussion should be closed. I saw a topic today where few members were soo unprofessional while replying.


To add on, people who are complaining about users being unprofessional on that thread are just contributing to the problem by bumping it. I think an affirmative post needs to be made about how to handle problematic threads, because lots of users who are well aware of the violations of the rules that it imposes will still argue with the OP anyway.

I think the rule of direct messaging a user about feedback on their thread instead of replying to the thread (in most cases) needs to be re-enforced.

Edit: Honestly, maybe automatically disable replies on topics that were flagged enough to be hidden for new members until a mod can review the situation?


People don’t even read previous replies making the same point, or debunking their point. It’s a shame how low the forum has sinked that is is literally unusable for any professional development.


You do realize that closing it for members removes a lot of legitimate people from posting, including yourself and I.

Which is unfortunately only a minority, and these are the people that should probably be promoted to regular anyway.


Issue is there is no replacement for PA and there won’t be until we get a new update on it.

Whilst DD definitely needs a temporary close-off due to the amount of clutter and irrelevant topic, a small pinch of legitimate Members will be affected.

You can use DevEngagementTeam as an alternative in the meantime.


Why close it for all members? When you could close it just for the people have posted a lot recently.

That is unfair and targets users which is behaviour the forum shouldn’t strive for. Besides, that isn’t even accurate. You may post a lot of quality discussion topics, so that shouldn’t apply.

Well, let me revise that: People who have been flagged a lot recently for off-topic. Then, lock it for them for a certain amount of time.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I rather not do that. You get flagged, you get feedback, hopefully you learn from it. Like suggested multiple times before, a time restriction between posting topics in Discussion would be a better alternative to reduce spam.

I’d like to comment now that it’s been a day since I shared my thoughts that the problem is getting out of hand in Developer Discussion. Too many members are making off-topic / wrong category topics when they can instead DM DET to have a bug be passed on to an engineer.