What are we going to do with the Development Discussion Category?

Sorry to bump this post, but the #development-discussion category has become extremely embarrassing in terms of the Developer Forum.
One topic I found went so off-topic it went to NSFW discussion. The #development-discussion category is so terrible now, even as a Member, I would suggest making it regular-only.

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However, another alternative I find would be a lot better is putting an account-age restriction (example: 60 days until you can post in #development-discussion.)

It doesn’t matter of how long they join, if it clutters and the people who posted that joined 60 days ago were already just bad such as Dupes, Off-Topic and NSFW like you said then what are we going to do then?

It gives them more time to read over the rules any what other posts are like rather than jumping into the discussion category like a lot of new members do.

what if a member that joined 30 days or a month joined and quickly read and adapt to the forum rules and know everything on posting unlike a 60 day person who didn’t read and just posted some stuff which isn’t even the right category

Here is an example:
When I joined from Nov 29, 2019 and 60 days later I still have the thoughts of posting things wrong

Here is the thing:
Don’t measure a person’s things that they can do they can quickly or slowly to adapt the rules of the forum

I don’t think regular only is reasonable right now as its immpossible for members to become regular. it can be once the new post approval system comes.

Make it so everyone can reply to topics, but regulars only can create topics.
Just to prevent stuff like this:

There should be more poll options, I’m limited to the “Not unsure” option yet it’s just that I am sure of a different approach.

Example: “Don’t change anything” as a poll option

Example Doesn’t mean I think we do nothing about spammy and low quality posts

… Do you know how polls work? The user makes them by themselves, the options aren’t pre-set.

You can edit a poll and add more…

Exactly. This is something the only the user can do, not the forum itself.

I don’t want it removed and I don’t want it to become regular+ (because then there would be nowhere for members to ask anything besides help and feedback questions, although something should happen to reduce spam.

Unfortunately, with people complaining about it being used incorrectly and people like me who don’t want it regular+, I think they’re just going to remove it at a certain point.

Uhh, this topic is pretty old, why keep bumping it. I would suggest to stop bumping it as everyone keeps making the same points over and over again, and it is pretty much useless until the new PA system comes.

To prevent duplicates of the same topic, and, unbeneficial to the OP topics which as well benefit to nobody else.

I think the only thing we can do is just revert DD back to regulars only, and wait for a replacement PA so there can be a new circulation of levelling up.

But if more people start levelling up (generally speaking of the type of people who post the offtopic stuff no offense), then they’ll just start using DD once again for the same purposes.
With that being said though, it’s challenging enough to get to be a regular from being a member.

There aren’t preset options, the user creates the options themselves.

I don’t know if you know it or not, the PA replacement is three months overdue. Making DD for Regular+ is not a good idea. Rather than preventing spam, it’s just being diverted to other categories. So then you can expect more people to complain about other categories being trashed and telling it to be closed.

I did not know that the replacement is overdue, and also didn’t think about the diverting of spam topics to other categories. Thanks for the heads up!

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I have an idea.
they could make new members have to wait at least 3 months or more to be able to post in discussion Category. that could solve half of promblem

You shouldn’t give links to the peoples posts it’s offensive.

Well, say none of us post examples. Technically, we cannot prove this problem therefore it cannot be fixed. They are the ones that are wrong, and anyway we have the full right to link a post. If they are wrong, and we ignore it, then the problem would be even worse.

Like @cheekypine said, we should stop expanding this topic uselessly and wait for the PA system to come.