The Nest Team -- Multiple Vacancies | Long Term | USD / Robux | Big Project -- [HIRING NOW!]

Is the modeler/builder position still vacant? If so please contact me on Discord! | AlteredIndex#6392

I’m interested, if you’re still looking for builders you can contact me on Discord; twxtchy#1398

I can share all of my past/present work there! Cheers! :smile:

interested, i’m a builder :)))

Im interested as a programmer although im only 14 :confused:
Discord: xpertsm#8655

Hello Speedy!

I’m a professional animator who has taken some large commissions but I have one more spot open out of my 5 slots. I’d be happy to consider this project and even possibly work long term. My portfolio is linked here: Artzius' Portfolio | Animator

I’d be happy to work out specific details.

Discord: Artzius#0001
Twitter: @artzius
ROBLOX: Artzius

Thank you!


Hey! I’m very interested in this job. Portfolio I look forward to hearing back.

Hello! Are you looking for a logo designer or no?

Can you tell us what the project is about?

Hello I like to help you if u wish I’m 15 years old and my discord is: TTTmc#7013
I don’t get USD / PayPal and I’m pretty cheap if u would pay me with Robux I don’t like to get pay and feel bad if you, I like to grow more to help others

Seems like a nice opportunity, I am looking forward on applying as a programmer!

Portfolio: Intermediate Programmer

Discord: DaffyDavinko#0078


I’m interested in being a programmer, my discord is mistrustfully#9954.

Quite keen on this job oportunity. I misread and hit you up through DevForumn messages on accident.
Discord is: Lana#1299
ROBLOX: Laxona

Hello, I am interested in being a UI designer, I have sent you a message :+1:

Hey!Hello there! I’m a very talented builder with alot of experience and I’d like to take the position of Builder! Just gonna leave my discord here but i’ll try to contact your twitter too Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin#7985

Hi there Speedy!

I am interested in the builder job as I personally feel like I specialize in low poly. I have a slightly outdated portfolio which I will link bellow but it should still give you an idea of what I am capable of.

I am also a Game Design student currently as well.

EDIT: My discord is nektxrios#7373

I am UI Artist. Add me on discord (ProGamerResul5566#9513)

@Toxic_Beams @AlteredIndex @supergonks @ionut1234v2 @Expertsm @Annexsohn @TotallyTrustful @imagiraff1234 @Aikoji7

If you could all please reply with or PM me your portfolio just so I know what you’re capable of before I add anyone on Discord. Makes the process much easier for me and I’d really appreciate it, thanks guys!


My bad, heres my portfolio OctaLua's Scripting Portfolio

I would have assumed that my builds do not meet your standards? If so, that’s completely fine, it’s more of a driving point to push myself further and learn more. Just dm back so I know ! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I just want to see everyone’s work before I contact anyone! :slight_smile: @Laxona