TmsDevv's Portfolio: Building and Environment

About me

Greetings! I’m TmsDevv, a builder, modeler, and environmental designer. I’ve been working in Roblox for over three years, and I know Studio in and out. I’m always prepared to learn something new, whether it’s for a commission or a game I’m creating. I work quickly and try to be as nice as I can be!

Building Experience

I can build in multiple different themes and styles, but I can perform best with medium/ high poly builds.

Low Poly

Medium Poly

High Poly






I’m skilled in various styles. I will adapt to your game’s style to give you the best possible asset for your game. I will spend 1-3 hours on your commission daily until it’s completed.


I’m online most of the day. I will get back to your DM extremely fast. I will usually start a job the same day.


My preferred payment method is group funds. If you pay via clothes, you’ll have to pay the marketplace fee. Payment quantity is relative to the build’s quality, and difficulty, Percentage-based payment will be discussed if asked, and I prefer to be paid upon completion of the build.

Full game: 10,000 -100,000 Robux

Map/Lobby: 3,000 -10,000 Robux

Task/Asset: 500 - 3,000 Robux

Terms and conditions
  • Clients must have a Dev Forum account for safety reasons.
  • As of now, I require some form of blueprints for the asset you wish me to build.
  • I prefer mid to high poly when doing commissions, but I can do low poly if it’s simple enough.
  • I prefer group funds, but if your game is somewhat of a success with over 50 players, I’ll agree to a percentage.
  • If I’m ghosted for one week+, I will cancel the commission and cease working on it.

Reasons to Hire me

  • I’m very active.
  • I ask lots of questions about the asset to make sure I’m making the asset perfect for you.
  • I make sure to keep you updated by sending screenshots of the asset as I develop it.
  • I’m honest. If there’s a problem, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Popular Groups I’ve Worked For

The Galactic Empire

These are the only groups I can remember/ are worth listing on my portfolio. I have worked with a lot of different smaller groups.


Discord: TmsDevv#5630

Twitter: TmsDevv


Some cool looking work, keep it up!


@bulgee is amazing. Completed my commission super fast with extreme detail. Totally reccomend this guy. Good with high poly and Terrain.


This is more than amazing. This makes me want to keep practicing building until I can reach this level. Keep up the great work!


I’m looking for someone who can build a sci-fi lobby with us. We have three maps already (two complete and one basically finished). Hope we can work together in the future!

More info: [CLOSED] Looking for a Sci-Fi Lobby Builder (Short-Term)
Discord: @DerpyMcDerpell#7788


Awesome work! Hired him for a police station as semi-realistic and it was wonderful! He was very communicative and if we had any edits we wanted, he provided with speed! Very negotiable on price and was overall great hire if you are looking for anyone.

Will definitely keep going to him for future builds! 9/10!


10/10 rating! He immediately started working on my order and was open to changes. The model was delivered very quickly and I would definitely work with @bulgee again!


I have friend request you on discord! Pls accept soon as possible!

Did you send a fr to “Gaming#5630” or “TMS Gaming#5630”?

Nice work you have here! If you are available for a map commission, I am looking for a modern semi-realistic bank map to fit the murder game genre. Send me a friend request on discord if interested :slight_smile:

Discordtag: Asuu#0709

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Incredible environments, Good work man!

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Commissioned him to build an entire map. Completed it in under 1 month with amazing quality. Got what I needed exactly how I visioned it.

10/10 would reccomend.


Can you make me a mobile payment terminal for my restaurant group?

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Hey! Can you make a tree? Preferably low poly?

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Hi, I’m interested. Discord: Blob#6677

I recommend him he is really awesome when I was working with him at the time, he is very friendly, and overall I would definitely hire him he is great.

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Very nice guy who does amazing work! Would definitely recommend him.

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Outstanding builds TMS, Very good work.

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I’ve been talking to them for a while and they’ve been going through mental health issues which is incredibly sad to hear, the builds on his portfolio are stunning too.


Been working with Tms on two game jams now, one of which our team got US$100 for each teammate.

Absolutely brilliant builder, especially great with sci-fi stuff. His work is incredibly detailed and he is very reliable.