Torchic000's Low-Poly Map/Asset Design Portfolio

Hey, who’s this guy?

(Created on 5/29/2020; updated on 7/17/2021)

Hey! I’m Torchic000. I joined roblox in 2015, and have been actively building since 2018. I mainly work with map and asset design across various genres of games.

My ROBLOX profile:

Cool, but what games/groups have you worked with?

Conquest of The Elements, a month-long event ran by the sword fighting group F.E.A.R..

Project Crashers, a fighting game with a variety of classes to choose from.

Jupiter’s Towers of Hell, a tower game which I have contributed to multiple times over the years.

Any examples of your work?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s some screenshots of the assets and maps I’ve worked on in the past:

build1 build2 build3



When are you available?

Though life can be unpredictable, I try my best to work throughout the week, with progress pictures being sent once decent work has been made.

Time zone: EDT/EST

How much does everything cost?

Pricing’s always the part that can get confusing. To keep it simple, the payment needed is flexible, but the main baselines for payment are listed below:

  • Assets: 250-1K Robux
  • Small builds (300x300 - 500x500): 1.5K - 10K Robux
  • Medium builds (500x500 - 800x800): 10K - 15K Robux
  • Large builds (800x800 - 1500x2000): 15K - 20K Robux

Once again, prices are flexible, so these amounts may change depending on the request.

Before I work, it is required that 25% of the funds are deposited beforehand.

Where can I find you?

You can contact me anytime via Discord (geb#5228), the comments on this page, and with ROBLOX.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me from any of the sources above.

Thank you!


I like the touch of the fog in the sand world. I like the low-poly builds as well.

Keep it up.