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My Work

Build / Model / Programming

Some of my games I do not have up at the moment due to it either being stolen or still being worked on.

Scripting Portfolio
Mini Projects

Made a very cool explosion using TweenService and body velocities!

Learnt how to use proximity prompts!

Learnt how to code with modules and animations!

Flight system / My take on Pika Flight!
Cool new flight system I've created! My take on Pika Flight! - YouTube

New Sword System I’ve created:

Newer Models / Maps


Ro-Tank 3.0


Made in 7 days with the help of @BlushSoft @cakeman586 (known as wombat) and @Sam_Developer for the cool ideas, the theme for the game jam was breakfast!

Venue: Bloxtrot

Old Models / Buildings
UGC Concepts

Please follow my twitter to get updates on my UGC Concepts! @triffywiffy

Low-Poly Goku Hair: New UGC Concept! Goku Hair!

Palmtree Floaty: New UGC Concept for Summer!

Epik Rock: New UGC Funny Rock Item meme

Luxurious Watch: Roblox UGC Concept: Respect that drip son (Luxurious Watch)

Summertime Popsicle Sword: New UGC Summertime Popsicle!

Popsicle Head: New UGC Summertime Concepts: Popsicle Throught The Head?!

White Diamond / Gold Necklaces: New UGC Item Concepts: White DIamond / Gold Necklaces!~

Futuristic Wings: New UGC Item Concepts [Futuristic wings / Goku Hair]

Smooth Goku Hair: New UGC Item Concepts [Futuristic wings / Goku Hair]

Painted Mug: New UGC Concept: Paited Mug! Feedback appreciated! Cool Art Style

SwaggerSouls Helmet: Cool UGC concept inspired by SwaggerSouls!

Comical Spoon: New UGC Concept: Very basic but funny - #2 by B0bTheBodyBuilder

Firework Jetpack: 4th Of July UGC Concept

Avatar Glider: Cool Avatar Last Airbender UGC Concept! - #6 by loueque

Fire Fists: Cool new anime UGC concept [Fire Fists]


Effects / VFX

Cool effects I made / Still learning!

Peace Preservers

Excuse the “Activate Windows” :stuck_out_tongue: Also these pictures were taken in game, it’s got dynamic time changing.

Club Vibe

I took these photos in studio, shout out to @KennyV2 he helped me make this game, unfourtunatley the game went to dust due to the owner being inactive.

Next-Gen Games

🚀SOON!🚀 Slamming Simulator - Roblox











I started to learn animation! Not that great but I think it would work in most games

DM me on twitter for business :baby_chick:@triffywiffy or by clicking the link here:
DM me on Discord for business :purple_circle:: triffy#8947
(Best bet is twitter because I don’t really accept friend random friend requests out of no where on discord.)


Your job is amazing!
Could you explain a bit what does the script means?
Like… the bomb is going to explode or it is just going to follow you?


Triffys is an amazing builder and extremely chill person to work with! Has a good work ethic and is extremely focused on getting tasks done, and overall fun to work with. Highly recommend!

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Thanks man, working with you was a blast! :beers:

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woah this incredible, just wow :pleading_face:
genuinly so impressed by this, I don’t know a thing about building but woahh

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Thank you so much! This means a lot I really appreciate the feedback.

Hello, the builds are amazing!
I’m wondering if you can do pets in blender?
My discord is Majd#0840 if you want to talk.
Also, I’m looking for a Lead Modeler in our team. If you are interested or want to find more information, here is the link.

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Thank you for telling me!

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My discord tag is Quionew#2800 I would like to talk when you can!

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Do you think you can add me? My discord is in the fourm, I don’t see why I have to add people haha

Triffys is really experienced at what he does and he maintains good focus, always getting tasks done on time. He loves to chat and will always come to you asking if you want something changed in a model before he finalizes it. It’s always fun to work with Triffys, I’d highly recommend him.

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damnn, good work! love the lighting on the terrain. looks bright and fresh imo. : D

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Wow. Impressive! The UGC concepts are the best part! Keep up the great work!

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Thank you so much <3 30 characters

Love your work! Keep it up, you have a ton of potential.

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Hey love your work, added you on discord selepathic#8025. Talk soon there.

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Also, watermark your pictures someone doesn’t take them as their own!

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Honestly, If you need a modeler/builder/concept designer, Triffys, is definitely the guy to go to, he works delinquently, he’s always eager to learn, he’ll revisit creations and make it match your expectations, he’s a kind gentleman with some AWESOME builds, I can say that if you’re needing a builder/modeler, he’s your guy for sure!

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I had the pleasure of working with Triffys on Slamming Simulator and he was able to deliver quality map designs in short time spans. Definitely recommend! :grinning:

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thanks bro! I appreciate the kinds words and messages!

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