Turning a SpecialMesh into a Meshpart

Hey developers.

I’m making a system where players can edit accessories on their character. In order to make my life easier, I want to convert all SpecialMeshes that are in accessories into MeshParts. However, it doesn’t seem like there are many ways to do this, mostly since the “MeshId” property of MeshParts is set to read only for scripts for… Some reason…?

Does anyone know any way to safely convert SpecialMeshes to MeshParts?

Have you tried looking at this plugin or it’s source code:

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The “CreateMeshPartAsync()” function only works in plugins, sadly, not in regular scripts. Do you know of any other resources that could be of use?

I can only think of this workspace setting, otherwise that is the only function that can convert meshpart to special mesh:

Changing this didn’t seem to effect anything in my game; accessories are still loaded in as SpecialMeshes. Kind of a let down that there’s no way to change the MeshId of a MeshPart on the fly, what a weird decision.

Correction here: this setting DOES change accessory handles into SpecialMeshes… With R15 enabled. Considering that a lot of my game utilizes R6 this is kind of a shame, but for anyone looking for an answer: here you go.