UGC Bodies : Current size limits are needlessly restrictive and make existing Roblox-created bodies impossible

As of August 17th, Roblox has officially enabled the ability for UGC creators to upload avatar bodies to the marketplace. This empowers creators to upload bodies that can be mixed and matched with eachother so that anyone can create any avatar they want, fueling positive self-expression on the platform. Self-expression is a huge priority for Roblox, which led to the creation of layered clothing, facial animations, the UGC program for accessories and clothing, and many other innovative avatar technologies unique to Roblox.

However, Roblox has recently made a change that severely impacts the ability for artists and players to create unique expressive avatars. When UGC bodies went live, Roblox changed the size restrictions of the body meshes to the following (measured in studs):

Body Part X (width) Y (height) Z (depth)
Head 1.5 1.75 2
Arm 2 3 2
Torso 3.5 3.25 2
Leg 1.5 2.75 2

Some of these values are too small. It makes non-human characters extremely difficult, if not outright impossible to create. You cannot make dragon heads, goblins & cats with big ears, horse heads, round robot bodies, turtles, and so much more. These new restrictions also make existing Roblox bundles impossible to exist. Roblox’s own marketing materials are completely false:

The characters circled above would not be allowed with the current restrictions, and only exist because they got “grandfathered” into the catalog. This directly contradicts with what Roblox previously stated on how the size restrictions would be:

Supporting the above with evidence, here’s detailed examples of Roblox-created avatar bodies not being possible due to the new size restrictions:

Examples of Roblox-created bodies that are no longer possible due to the size restrictions

Chef Tortrdee - Roblox

Guardian Lion - Roblox

Elemental Stone Golem - Roblox

Gang O' Fries - Roblox

Snow Gentleman - Roblox

Gothic Gargoyle - Roblox

Creature From the Blox Lagoon - Roblox

Ud'zal - Roblox

Crimson Claw: The Vengeful - Roblox

Lizard Man of Globslang Swamp - Roblox
Oinan Thickhoof - Roblox
Triple-Headed Trouble - Roblox

I kept the above list of examples relatively short because I think the it gets the point across. There are so many more examples like the above that I haven’t even listed.

In addition to existing bundles not being possible to create under the restrictions, how are we supposed to see facial animations if the heads are incredibly small? With these size restrictions, you have to essentially press your face against your device’s screen to see any of the facial movement happening:

To conclude : Roblox’s UGC body size limits need to be raised by a bit, such that previously existing avatar bodies would be possible to make by UGC creators. Doing this alleviates all of the creativity problems listed above. If the concern is about absurdly large avatars ruining games, this is solved with a feature called “avatar scale normalization”, which can either be implemented by devs in ~300 lines of lua code, or it can be implemented by Roblox. In fact, Roblox was planning on having this as a built-in feature for a while (it was being actively looked into during my internship), but it seems to have been dropped:

Links to Roblox's avatar scale normalization demos

Avatar Scaling Showcase 2.0 - Roblox
Avatar Scaling Showcase 3.0 - Roblox
Avatar Scaling Showcase 5.0 - Roblox

Overall, the current restrictions make it nearly impossible to create anything that isn’t a human. Please raise them.


Agree with the feature request. My thoughts are that the limits should be at least the same size as the biggest existing Roblox-created body, if not more than. Of course, the limit shouldn’t be so high that the average/majority of experiences are negatively impacted.


I have to agree with Noble_Draconian, these rules are far too strict and if the concern is that creators will make avatars that will potentially break/ruin the user experience when wearing them, then the idea of scale normalisation feature that automatically allows expereinces to set a scale for avatars in general sounds like a better solution than to completely restrict creators. Further avatars should be judged based of overall size from head to toe instead of each limb meeting a certain criteria. If anything avatars in its current state is not particualrly great would have preferred if we had solid communication before hand but we can’t change whats happend but hope that the right decisions are made in the future.


huge agree on this!!! I had to scale my first body to 75% of what it was and then also squish in the ears on my lamb girl package here: Lamb Girl - Roblox
here is the original for comparison:

very very limiting right now and i can’t see a way to do anything with antlers / elf ears / long animal ears etc built into the head going forward, the size limit is too small …


FWIW I think the intention with pieces that stick out of the character is to make them accessories. Unsure if the upload flow works that way for UGC yet though.

Fwiw I’m aware this doesn’t work for all cases, since more accessories means you need to use more accessory slots, which people don’t like. Roblox needs to use complexity cost instead of a limit on number.

These limits are definitely a bit too tight regardless. Hoping they open up a bit.


Yeah things like horns and tails can be accessories, but if you have long snouts or big robot torsos there’s nothing you can realistically do

Related post for visibility :

Ideally UGC creators would have the same size restrictions Roblox had when they were making their packages. Most of Roblox’s packages were fine, and the few that caused issues some of the time (magmafiend for example) are solved with scale normalization in experiences that need scale normalization (i.e. not social games that benefit from wacky avatars)


Yeah this is definitely going to make it much harder for me when i eventually get ugc access and try and upload my furry characters, size limits should be increased for sure.


Roblox pulled a 180 on the restrictions. They made accessories size restrictions way to big causing excessively large accessories to be created now they’ve made them too small. Well what’s a Roblox update without messing something up these days.

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UPDATE : Roblox recently increased the max allowed sizes for body parts, but it’s still not big enough : UGC Program: Updates to avatar bodies and heads + opening up creation - #13 by Noble_Draconian

New awful update: there’s a maximum and minimum size not only for the body parts but for the FULL BODY too, at this point are we even supposed to make something new?

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