Unable to distribute UGC limiteds in game

Still unable to reproduce the issue.

The error only occurs after you click buy, the item displays before like in your picture.

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I don’t have enough robux to test that, but I’ll take your word for it. You should probably mention that in the OP :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s self explanatory when the error says “failed to purchase” which means the purchase request was initiated :+1:

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That’s awkward. :joy:

Maybe try it with an item that isn’t sold out? I believe this is the default error that displays when attempting to purchase an item that isn’t available. @codedcosmetics

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That screenshot is from the item had stock. I’ve tried with several other items as well.

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At the time the item had stock, I’ve also tried this at the time with the same UGC and I had received the same message


This is still a current issue, and it’s becoming more and more difficult now that the catalog is having more and more UGC Limiteds created.

In the DevForum post about the release of UGC Limiteds it states:

How are developers supposed to monetize off of this opportunity if we are unable to sell items from in-game?

No matter what the ID is, I cannot sell limited items from in-experience. Please fix this ASAP as it’s becoming a huge inconvenience for players, and us developers are losing a large opportunity for revenue.


i tried to make a game which would prompt me the limiteds when they came out then i had this issue too really annoying

please sort this issue roblox its been proving to be a massive inconvenience to me since the day ugc limiteds were released.

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Was this an issue with roblox made limitef u’s

Experiencing the same issue.

UGC limiteds cannot seem to be purchased in an experience (using the marketplace service).

Could you edit your post to follow these guidelines, please? How to post a Bug Report

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The original post has been updated.

Hey everyone, thanks for flagging! We got a little ahead of ourselves in the documentation for this feature but this is (temporarily) intended. In the next few weeks we plan to release an update that will enable in-experience purchasing and the seller share for UGC Limited items, so stay tuned.


Hey all! To follow up, in-experience purchasing is now enabled for UGC Limited Items. Thanks everyone for your patience and for flagging the issue.


I would like to know how you can sell these items that you buy in your game without having to look for the value that you are selling, for example, a person who will help you with robux, she enters your game and buys your item, just buy those of the other ones that are lower, I think in that

local MarketplaceService = game:GetService(“MarketplaceService”)
local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)
local player = Players.LocalPlayer

local productId =
local price =

You can’t buy a UGC limited in-game that is out of stock or listed by a seller.

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