Announcing Limiteds for the UGC Program [Marketplace]

Hey Creators,

We are developing more ways for creators to innovate and earn as we build towards our vision of a community-driven Marketplace. Adding scarcity to our Marketplace is a key element of creating healthy marketplace dynamics that benefit creators, buyers, and sellers alike. That’s why, starting today, we are giving creators in our UGC Program the ability to create Limiteds.

Announcing Limiteds

With Limiteds, creators can specify the quantity of their creations giving them control over their scarcity.

Limiteds can also be resold. Therefore, in addition to what creators currently earn from creating and selling, creators will also benefit from a 10% original creator payout every time the item is resold.

To encourage a healthy marketplace where creators create high-quality items and are thoughtful about the quantity they publish, there will be an upfront payment due before Limited items are published.

  • This payment is unique to Limiteds and is based upon the quantity being published and the type of asset being uploaded.
  • When an item is sold, the creator will get this upfront payment back in proportion to the quantity of items sold. This additional payout comes out of Roblox’s platform share of 30%.
  • These payment amounts may change in the future.

As a reminder, the share of earnings for the original sale of Limiteds is the same as other transactions on the platform. Specifically, when creating or selling anything on Roblox, creators will receive a percentage of every transaction they are a part of as follows:

  • The creator of the item gets 30%.
  • The seller or distributor of the item gets 40%.
  • The platform gets 30%. Out of this, the creator will also receive a portion of their upfront payment back.

Learn more about Marketplace Fees and Commissions.

Program Guidelines

Promoting a healthy and diverse marketplace is important to our community. We want to reiterate that our Program Guidelines prohibit the creation of items that are overly similar to existing items. This also includes scenarios such as:

  • Creators who have already published an item and re-publish the same item as a Limited item.
  • Creators who publish a Limited item and then re-publish the same Limited item.
  • Creators who copy another creator’s item or Roblox’s item.

If creators violate these guidelines, their upfront payment is not refunded and we reserve the right to remove the copied item from our Marketplace or remove the creator from the UGC Program.

We are looking forward to seeing what the community creates and listening to your feedback as we continue to iterate on the Marketplace.

Ready to apply to the UGC Program?

Please submit your application through this link.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as it may take some time to get back to you due to a high volume of submissions.



Click here to view the FAQ!

Will these Limiteds be tradeable?

  • While Roblox-created Limiteds are tradeable, community-created Limiteds are not tradeable at this time. We are constantly evaluating new features for the community and building iterations into our product roadmap.

Will there still be an upload fee?

  • Yes, there will still be a 750 Robux upload fee which is a one-time payment for a set of the same items paid before moderation.

What happens to current Marketplace items and Limited Roblox-created items?

  • This update makes no changes to both current Marketplace items and Limited Roblox-created items.

Why are you limiting it to one upload every 24 hours?

  • This is a new product for our community and as we learn from all of you we will continue to iterate and make changes to controls like these.

Can you resell these community-created Limited items?

  • Yes. Additionally, the original quantity does not have to sell out before you can resell the item. These items have up to a 30-day hold before they can be resold again. Currently, resale is only available to Premium members.

Can you edit an item’s price or quantity after it’s been published?

  • No. Once you publish a Limited you can only modify Tags, Comments, and when available, Sale Locations.

What label will these community-created Limiteds have?

  • These will be labeled as Limited items with unique serial numbers in the same way serial-numbered Limiteds are labeled today.

Do you support group creation for these Limiteds?

  • At this time, group creation is not supported, but we plan to release group creation in the near future.

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excited to see the obnoxious shipping crate hat as a limited :fire:


This is cool, having the publisher make robux even on resell will encourage people to make unique and interesting items.

As long as moderation actually does enforce action against people making copies i think this will be a good program.

Will there be any new api with marketplaceservice to sell people these hats in game or will it use an existing method?


sigh, nevermind


This is a splendid update! This is one I’ve been cookin up for a while. Hyped to pubish this as a Limited! :stuck_out_tongue:




Hey man this looks great keep up the amazing work!


Can’t wait to spend five months waiting for your team of 3 people reviewing UGC applications!

Tons of money to go around, can’t hire a legitimate team to review applications within a reasonable timeframe…insane. Not to mention the piss-poor communication Roblox provides as a whole. Work on yourselves!


As a UGC creator myself, this concerns me a little. I hope this turns out for the better though!


why is stuff like this allowed?? :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


(post deleted by author)


I was speaking with @givenothingback late last year shortly after RDC, and she mentioned that as a part of the UGC limited rollout, all existing offsale Roblox-created items (e.g. giftcard items) would become limited.

Are there any updates on this? This appears to not have gone out, even though UGC limiteds are out now.


Good feature I guess? I just keep thinking of how people will abuse this and how bad it could possibly be


Hopefully UGC collectables are held to a higher standard then the current UGC’s acceptance process.


as a ugc creator this update is very


The fee for uploading UGC Accessories has always been 750 robux iirc


What will happen if someone uploads a fake limited? What are the policies on this?


Awesome update, can’t wait for this to be available for groups.


“it will get taken down… probably soon maybe eventually” is the answer


Taking Action on Copies of Roblox-Created Limiteds - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox


I’m looking for an actual answer, not an uneducated guess.