Unable to purchase a Badge for a group game with personal funds



As a developer, it is currently impossible to use personal funds to purchase Badges for Group Owned games.
This is not the biggest problem in the world, but for a developer creating a new group which has no current funds, it is annoying to have to pay 100 robux into the group out of our own pocket, accounting for the 30% fee on the way, in order to create a badge for a new game. The owner of the group at least should be able to use their own funds to purchase items like badges for group assets, similar to how they can use personal funds to pay for advertising campaigns in group games.

For reference, I definitely have more than 0, and 100 robux.

If I’m being stupid and this is not the case for some reason, my apologies in advance.


Still an issue.


Also, for me, clicking Buy Roblox just ended up giving me personal currency instead of group currency.

So - if I understand things from my googling - in order to create a badge for my group-owned game, a group that has no revenue as yet, I need to sell a t-shirt from the group to myself to give myself the funds to make the badge to put in the game. Do I understand things correctly or is there some simpler method I’m missing?


You’re understanding correctly. Group features are just a mess like that.


everything with groups are a headache

at this point it’s kinda just ‘deal with it’