Unachored Parts and models not falling down

Hi all, not too sure if this is in the correct area but after a recent studio update, unachored parts and models dont want to fall down or do fall but teleport back to the positions said parts were in before being hit with an object

The same is also happening with models like this railway coaches i made, you can see two move before one randomly rights itself despite non have any bodygyro or bodyforce installed and half of them are stuck on the slop when before, they’d of all slid down the slop

Has anyone else encountered this in studio?

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Are you using any form of Network Ownership on your parts? You may want to set an owner rather than leave it automatically set. Trains should be network owned by the occupant client. You can set the owner of the bricks to the server but it’s not typically recommended to leave the server to handle it.


no, its all default as its just a building place and a place to make screenshot in

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That’s so weird. If you can’t find another solution, I’d suggest posting this somewhere in this subforum: https://devforum.roblox.com/c/platform-feedback

Maybe here?: https://devforum.roblox.com/c/platform-feedback/studio-bugs

the option to make a new topic is greyed out for me, so i had to place it here

It’s because you’re a new member.