Underground mountain complex for a reactor type game [devlog]

this is more for me to see what I’ve done, but the public can see too.
EDIT: renamed Chugach Mountain Complex. Chugach Range, Alaska.

2/24/2023 (Terrain/Starting Point)
  • day 1: doing the entrance/mountains. spent way too much time on this one part
    lots of free (but good) models were used. will prob come back to make my own.
    for the tunnel, I reused some things from a previous game I made (trusses and lights)

2/25/2023 (Tunnel/Details)
2/26/2023 (Alarms/Decor/Behind the Scenes)
4/06/2023 (Entrance)
  • it’s been a while! started work on an entrance hall (finally). went the lazy route and just chose to teleport the player to the hall. see 4/09/2023 for pics
4/07/2023 (Entrance details)
  • added vents to entrance hall. might add windows
4/08/2023 (Behind-the-Scenes work)
  • added protocol zulu (self destruct sequence)
  • spent way too long working on bugs in the alarm code
  • yeah.
4/09/2023 (Details + Lore)

video of the updated alarm sequence

  • we have lore! i repeat, we have lore!

"Chugach Range, Alaska.

The surrounding area is under attack. All non-essential personnel have been evacuated. All that remains is the skeleton crew, of which you are one. How will the complex fare? It’s up to you."

  • Added details to Sector 1 (entrance). PIPES

4/10/2023 (Lore/Other)

Chugach Range, Alaska.

The area is under attack. It is not safe to stay.

All non-essential personnel have been evacuated. All that remains is the skeleton crew, of which you are one.

Formerly a government research facility, the facility was repurposed after the division’s funding was cut. It was leased to Ion, a mysterious company that lurks in the shadows. It holds many government contracts and facilities, but nobody knows what they do or why.

Ion operates the Chugach 3 reactor, a highly experimental reactor. The risks are huge. The operation is strict. Any mistake ends in disaster.

The motto: Secrecy is decency.

What will you do? What will you uncover?
It’s up to you. Don’t screw this up.

4/11/2023 (Alarms/Decor)

did some stuff.
added some stuff
we now lose power during code red
the end

6/04/2023 (It's Been A While)

some stuff.
redid the alarms.
added emergency lighting + particle effects on pipes/glass
it’s been a while
Check out the video of the work I did

7/04/2023 (Alarms/Decor)

Changed the alarm sounds, will redo the physical alarms later. Replaced the artillery sounds in the distance. Video soon


It looks SO good ! Keep up the hard work!


Nice! Maybe add trees and nature? Some large rocks placed around breaks up the consistent snow and mud


BIG BIG UPDATE! lots of progress + lore/name!

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keep working on it! it does look good!


bump. update above.


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Amazing! I would add a lot more lore. Is there any progress on the reactor?