Unfreeze ranks above the Member rank

Every user should have the rights to rank up from Member to Regular but a this stage its impossible as it has been frozen for a least an entire year or more. To me this seems a little unfair to even make a ranking system on the DevForum if the users are only able to rank up once which is to the Member rank. In conclusion; users can’t post in all categories, delete their own posts, and now can’t rank up.


Sadly all we can do is wait. I don’t know why this is taking them 2+ years though.


Not like it’s hard to rank up. Just add stats to determine if you can be ranked up.

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I honestly agree but sadly this has been an issue for 2 years now. And for a long time the community has been using “covid” as an excuse, but it seems that roblox doesnt bother working on the devforums anymore. (Not to mention that devforum has since become public for anyone to talk in)


Whatever you add you won’t get promoted, it’s frozen can’t you understand?

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This has been requested over and over and over. I would recommend reading this


cc @zaydoudou
Not sure where you both are pulling these conclusions from, but the reason why we had the old manual post approval process was to determine if posters were capable of posting thoughtful and meaningful feature requests and bug reports that checked all of the necessary boxes for them to be actionable. No cocktail of dumb forum stats can determine that, and to throw caution to the wind and open it up to everyone would be to destroy the forum and the value it has to both us and to Roblox. While the forum / this area of the community definitely needs more resources allocated to it, it’s not as simple as you seem to think.


Why can’t they just add a devforum account age limit to get regular rank? (like having to be on the devforums for 2 years)

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This included. We’ve already considered this and rejected it as a sole metric and as a joint metric with other stats. Not to mention, this alienates skilled developers from off-platform.


We’re aware of the issue and there are a few dozen other threads about this. I will add this thread to the list for internal tracking.

For future requests, please consider supporting the existing topics so that it’s easier for us to find all the feedback together in one place!

  1. Skilled developers from off-platform are already alienated.
  2. Skilled developers on-platform are already alienated.
  3. There is a difference between an official corporate reason shared among those involved and the individual people involved having their input.

This is a 24 billion dollar publicly traded company.
The excuse is old and pathetic.
If this problem is so complex that it can’t be solved in this many years.
Then frankly, it’s time to fire some people and get some fresh blood in that have the mindset to solve it.
Because frankly, it’s a solvable problem.
Unfortunately, no one but the same old people is allowed to contribute to solving it.
What’s that saying about the definition of insanity again…

I wouldn’t care if it was a personal application like in the old days.
But no way at all for nearly two years is pure garbage and no excuse is good enough for that.

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Not a reason to go ahead and make the alienation worse.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that is invisible to the community. Resource allocation and engineering velocity (especially WRT the DevForum and other community platforms) at Roblox is currently very slow for sure, but there is nothing we can do but talk about these things so Roblox knows the demand for improvement is there and growing.

But this only works if we do this without being disrespectful and making up reasons for things being this way, as many people seem to like doing.

I agree with you, but we’re also humans as well.
There are people who put their livelihood into this platform that truly feel as if Roblox does not care about its developers at all.

I don’t believe that’s true, however, the feelings are generated legitimately by actions that are also very real.

No one should fear contributing to the platform because they’ll get flagged off-topic just for trying to address concerns that impact their ability to develop or even stay on the platform.

Even if they did something like opening up a second suggestion topic where there were posting limits (as to how many suggestions someone can make), as well as they only got looked at if they got a certain number of likes. Not saying this would be ideal, but just something.

Some acknowledgment that we have real struggles beyond the struggles all developers face goes a long way. Some of the issues we face, I’m sorry, but it does not appear many veterans or staff are able to see. If they do see it, well, that would make it feel a lot more insulting. We just want to be able to address these concerns and feel like they matter. If our concerns are not treated as if they matter, it’s hard to see that we matter to them at all.

For all the toughness we get about expressing our feelings about what staff does and how we’re treated, it seems like the response is that we should know the unexpressed feelings of staff and keep ours to ourself.

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