Update Log - Build a Private Island (Feb 11)

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Past Update Logs

December 29
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January 12
January 27

There has been a lot that has happened over the past couple weeks. Throughout this time, I worked constantly to try to finish this update. This is one of the most exciting updates and I’m very excited for you to play it!

  • New downtown island!
    • Build a bridge after exploring an island off-shore and begin building a downtown enterprise!
    • Construct five different buildings that are each a unique business operation!
    • Entertain different contracts from businesses that will pay you to rent out your building!
    • Each contract lasts for a specified amount of time
  • Cart delivery!
    • Your cart is now equipped with a storage box at the back. Use it to collect deliveries from the businesses downtown and get paid by dropping off your items at one of four locations around the map (Airport, Resort, Dock, and Mailbox downtown)!
    • Upgrade your cart’s storage, speed, and more to get the most out of your vehicle!
  • Data restoration center
    • Some older users have reported issues with data loss. I implemented a data loss center for users who have not played in the last month. This system is based off users who were in our old data system before we migrated to a new one. Click the red button in the bottom right corner of the screen, then click on “DATA LOSS?”. This cannot guarantee data restoration, but it can help if your data is locked in the previous system!
  • Some more fixes that were implemented along the way:
    • Plane controls were changed and modified to be less touchy for computer players
    • NPCs would suddenly try to drown themselves when heading down to the seaside resorts
    • More smaller fixes!
Upcoming Updates!
  • In-game trading with other players!
  • Customizable home mansions!
  • More :shushing_face:

We are just getting started to unravel the potential for this game. Make sure to give it a play if you haven’t done so in awhile! Undoubtedly, there will be bugs with this new update. Please let me know ASAP so I can help the game run as smoothly as possible!

As always, if you need anything at all, please message me @iamaespect. I am happy to help!